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Need help choosing 2 pairs of skis to cover everything!

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Having skiied old salomon 1080's for years (and renting when the big dumps come), this year i have decided i need to buy two new pairs of skis.. in these 2 pairs of skis i need to cover just about every type of skiing making the decision very difficult. I need one pair to ski well in the park, probably centre mounted but they have to be usable on groomers and bumps.. I have some 2007 salomon thrusters (what do you think of them?) but might sell them in favour of another pair.. here im thinking about line invaders/anthems if i get rid of the thrusters.. the second is my powder/ backcountry ski but needs to be a very usable day to day ski.. also has to be a twin because i will be skiing backwards but probably not centre mounted.. i only get a couple of decent powder days a year but i hit backcountry jumps and moderate sized cliffs a fair amount.. im 5"9 and very light.. about 9 stone.. and very confused.. help please
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well, I guess your not from Kentucky the frist ski is easy, PE the second IMHO is also easy, either watea 101 or Gotama. NEXT!
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Where do you ski? I would dump the Thruster. It isn't as good of an all mountain ski as some other options. The line invader or last year's prophet 80 would be good choices.
As far as a recommendation for park skis:
K2 public enemy (my ski last year for the entire mountain in most conditions)
Rossi scratch FS--or this year's equivalent
Salomon Foil

Backcountry twin:
K2 Seth
Rossi Scratch BC--or this year's equivalent
Line Prophet 100
Line Elizabeth
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Cool are the thrusters really not good as park skis.. can they be centre mounted or does that **** em up as usable skis.. also how are the 1080 guns as backcountry.. how do they compare to prophet 90/100s? oh and i ski saas fee switzerland.. and also a-basin and other in colorado
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  • How many days/season do you ski in Switz.vs. the USA?
  • Is your skiing in the USA confined to Colorado or do you ski the Eastern US as well?
  • How many days last year did you feel that you needed a wider ski than what you had?
  • You say that you want a park specific ski, but also want the fatter ski to work in the park. Is that correct?
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Originally Posted by Finndog View Post
the frist ski is easy, PE!
I agree with Ron, Use the K2 Public Enemy for park use. Consider the Fischer Atua for back country use, Its a great ski for a lighter skier: http://www.levelninesports.com/fisch...cm-p-1381.html

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i ski 3-4 weeks in switzerland.. probably get 4-5 powder days.. a week in france maybe.. and a week or two in colorado.. mostly out of bounds.. in terms of the fatter ski i wont use it often in the park and def not on rails or anything but i will be spinning off BC kickers, cliffs and skiing trees so probably not a long or heavy ski.. the thrusters i have i might sell to help fund a 100% symetric ski but i think PE are not symetric.. one of the two skis has to work in bumps... its pretty complicated.. i would describe myself as level 8 or 9... 8 in the park more like 9 in the BC..
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You are correct, the PE is not symetrical however, the Line Anthem is and it has a good flex for a lighter skier.

Since you want the fatter ski to have good switch capabilities you will want something with a soft tail and a full twin (or close) That would eliminate the Volkl Gotama and Fischer Wateas that have been suggested. However, many of the other suggestions are very good.


Line P-100
Rossi Scratch Brigade
Atomic Pimp
Salomon 1080 Gun.
Armada JP vs Julien

These would all be fine for you in their shorter (172-174) sizes. Some of these get quite a bit stiffer as the lengths go longer.

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line anthems sound like a good idea.. theyr pretty fat though i think? any idea how they would handle piste skiing? might they work on the BC kickers ?
i might get those and p-100 for hardcore powder skiing.. expensive though.. could you reccomend anywhere to sell my thrusters?
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