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Tecnica boots?

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I am in desperate need of new boots. I found out I'm going to be able to get a pro deal on Tecnica boots. I was hoping if anybody could give me some advice if any of the Tecnica boots are a good fit for me and which one I should look at. I am 25 years old. Get about 40-50 days a year in. Ski hard, lots of bumps, trees, etc. I wear an 11.5 street shoe, 28.0 boot. Slightly wider than average foot. From looking at the website the Magma's sound like what I'm looking for. Any feedback and advice is greatly appreciated.
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I would first like to know how you are getting a Pro deal. Are you an instructor or ski patrol?
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I'm a volunteer instructor for an adaptive program. Tecnica is one of a few companies that offer us pro deals.
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Originally Posted by Dan5252 View Post
I'm a volunteer instructor for an adaptive program. Tecnica is one of a few companies that offer us pro deals.
Good on ya. If you are a bit on the wide side, the Magma may work well for you, but you should try them on and work with a good fitter if at all possible.
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Thanks for the help. I tried on the Magma's today and they did fit very well, I'm going to try them on again before I pull the trigger on anything. I'll be working with a fitter to get them dialed in if I go ahead with them. What is your thoughts on the hotform? Is it worth looking into or should I stick with the standard? Thanks again for the advice.
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I like the HiperFit liners better, but that's just my preferance.
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I do 'Hotform' the foam is super dense and why not keep 'em warm?
Sorry to contradict JD.
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Would you guys care to elaborate a little. Any pros/cons of either. The reason I asked is the guy at REI had told me he had seen some durability issues with the Hotform, not sure if anybody else had seen anything of the like. As much as I like REI I wouldn't buy boots there so I wanted to get some other feedback.
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We changed to Hot Form last winter, we had no problems. The impression on the liner is better and the foam inside, alot denser. In many cases we change liners in shells, this is made difficult with tecnica's 'Catflap' coller design so we've gone with what we consider to be the better of the liner options. Before we had little problems with Hiperfit other than occasional 'packing' issues, this could be attributed to us, as we chose the shell and perhaps there was too much volume.
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Not arguing or anything, but we have felt the opposite. Our shop is very heavy into Hot Form liners, but for the customer who skies a ton, I tend to like the Hiperfit better. It's funny because we feel that the Hiperfit liner is a bit denser than Hot Form and has less pack out issues. In the end your not going to go wrong with either liner and we are pretty much splitting hairs here. We do downsize pretty aggresivly in our shop, somtimes to a fault and it comes back to bite us in the butt (ie a ton of extra boot work) but many times it's because the customer is not 100% truthfull about ability and what their goals are.
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As always JD. We've shredded(unpicked all the stitching) on both the liners, as we do all, there seems to be a hell of a lot more material around the ankle and heel area.
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