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Teton Village Options

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Hi all.

I'm looking to book ski in/out condo for mid march, and I'm considering two condos on opposite sides of the base area.

One is the "left"/ "tram" side right above the upper lot, and the other is on the "right" side in Granite Ridge / uphill from the four seasons, see the yellow markers in image below.

On the tram side, do you think the trail to the left of the Tram will be open without the tram operating / in the middle of march?

It seems to me that it is a short walk to this trail from just above the upper lot.
I like the 'tram side' condo better, but it seems that the granite ridge side condo has better access.

I'm looking to avoid:
(a) walking substantially up-hill
(b) walking through mud

Can anyone comment on the trail accessability of these two areas? Bob?

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I can't quite figure out what "Cottagewood" is. I've never heard of that building and the spot your map shows is actually the home of a friend of mine. If it's his home (and somehow he's renting out his guest wing), it's a great location. If it's not his house, I'm a little baffled as to what/where Cottagewood might be.

The Granite Ridge condos are pretty good for access IF you're in one of the upper units. The lower ones would require a bit of a walk to get TO the lifts and also to get back at the end of the day.

In that price range, have you looked into the Moose Creek townhomes? They are right next to a feeder lift and you can definitely ski to them at the end of the day if you know where you're going.

Sorry I can't be of more help. Ski-in/ski-out is a VERY limited proposition at Teton Village. Another thought would be to check into availability and rates at the Teton Mountain Lodge and at the Snake River Lodge and Spa.
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thanks for the quick reply.

I didn't put the location too well on there, the one I'm looking at is up Mccollister right at the bend across from the tram townhouses.

If you were accessing the mountain from your friends house, is there a way to walk to a trail and ski up to say the gondola instead of walking down through the parking lot/ base area?

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I chatted with a friend of mine who's family owns a place in Teton Village and this is what I got from our short conversation:

My understanding is that the feeder lift and the trails/paths that make the moosecreek townhomes accesible is not owned or operated by the mountain, and rather by the real estate company or development plan that the homes are in. I was told that if we got unlucky, snow conditions could prevent a ski-in/ski-out situation when mid-late march rolls around because of lack of snow on the ground, and also b/c it isn't uncommon for the feeder lift to be closed down, if poor/non-existent snow conditions are an issue at the bottom of the mountain. This would leave someone in that area with the options of either getting a shuttle, driving, or a hefty walk to get to a place where you could finally click in.

However, I was told that the Granite ridge side of the base has well maintained trails and that the lift there, is dependable. I was also told as you mentioned, that the lower units are a bit of a walk to the lift, but that the units higher up on the hill have excellent access.

Can anyone confirm, reject, or add to my understanding?
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If we can do path 1, 2 or even 3 from cottagewood, I think we're ahead.
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Proneax --
When I was there last year, construction on the building behind the Best Western made it difficult to get through the left side of the base area -- which, I think is more or less where some of your green lines are. I would hope the construction is finished by now, but I'd ask someone on the ground there.
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I too have never heard of Cottagewood...the closest complex I know of in the area your talking about other than the Tram Tower Townhouses on the right is the two Four Seasons buildings which are on the left.

Edit: Curiousity got the better of me so I called an old friend and he said that Cottagewood is a private home near Bob's friend.
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can you give us some instructions on how to mark up google earth the way you have with green/red markers.

thx in advance
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I think the locations for your two places are pretty much a wash but renting a private home is a lot more private so you can enjoy the quiet if that's your thing or party like crazy and you won't disturb your neigbors.
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