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Podiatrist or boot fitter???

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One of my closest friends is a podiatrist who has offered to make some custom orthotics specifically for my new boots at material cost only. He explained that after he has taken the cast and made some measurements, he can have his lab build a custom orthotic specific for skiing.

Can a bootfitter please shed some light on this subject.

My concern is that i am in need of a cant or camber adjustment on my left foot so that the ski will sit flat.

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Canting/cuff alignment etc is seperate from the foot bed in most cases. I have seen some people ski with a true orthotic, but it is not the common thing.
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all depends on your feet, if there are b iomechanical issues that require you to where an orthotic then you should take him up on the offer, and get a pair for your shoes also, if you do not have problems with your feet then a good custom footbed will sufice

adjusting the cant of the boot either the upper cuff adjustment or planing the sole is as JDoyal says is a different thing altogether
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Many times a ski specific orthotic is simply narrower in girth to fit better in the boot, and has a full length top sheet glued to it.

If material cost is more than $150 I would go with a good ski specific footbed unless you have specific issues the orthotic will serve better.
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Yep.. here here

I am a boot fitter and also have attended all the pedorthist classes and just to shed a bit of light on the difference for you. Like all the above posts, pedorthists are looking at the function of the foot for different purposes and in a totaly different sort of shoe. the difference being walking, and skiing. shoes vs. ski boots. the differences are so numerous that I wont bore you with a numbing post. but as a boot guy you need to understand the application in this case skiing. I would not pretend that I know nearly as much about walking as I do skiing however there is a dramatic differnce. That being said any pedorthist that will make you foot beds at their cost well take him up on it and see for yourself. I would say anything that is an exact replica of your foot will be better than nothing however a ski specific foot bed made by a skiing professional with an expert eye to its applicaton would be a far better investment.
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