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Boot rec. for Narrow Feet...

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I have about a 26 foot with narrow feet...I have been looking at :

Lange World Cup Jr. 80
Lange World Cup 120
Lange Fluid 100
others have recommended Salomon Falcon....etc...any advice and or what the differences are between these boots would be appreciated....i have volkl 5 stars...am intermediate +.....thanks...
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Lange WC fit can be good.
Fluid 100...no....too wide.
Nordica Dobermann 80,100,130 depending on your weight etc.
Solly Falcons may be good.
Head Raptors may be good.

Differences will be apparent when you go to your boot shop and try them on.

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Thanks.....one question i have for you all is....comparing the lange world cup 80 junior race and the adult world cup 120....is their a difference in the quality or the width of the boots....i know the 120's are probably somewhat stiffer...less flex...i was told the jr 80's mayfit me better bc they are narrower...but i also heard they were the same width...is their any site to compare details of boots...?
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not sure on the 80 vs 120. think they are similar.

also look for the WC150 in a ZA flex

good news the ZA flex is the softest and that is narrower then the 120, and still flexable.

bad news: hard to find and costs big $$$
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I'm gong to disagree with mntlion on this although I don't get to regularly see 80s and 120s from lange. But if I look at the other manufacturers I sell (Head and Tecnica) there are definite differences in quality and fit between their jr race boots and adult race boots.

That said I'm not certain the difference is important to most buyers because the differences in boot flex are not small between an 80 and 120. If the 80 is stiff enough the 120 will feel like a brick and if the 120 is fine the 80 will feel like mush.

These will be major considerations, beyond differences in quality.

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Lou: I was talking about the shape only, (last) not the features.
and that was a guess on the shape too..

asirpis : PM waxman, he will know
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