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MTB shoes?

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I don't need anything expensive but something decent (under 100) , I use SPD pedals. currently use shoes with laces but that's a pain. Suggestions.....
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I have the womens version of these and love them.
But they lace up.
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SAC juuust had some.
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Funny you should ask, I looked up BMX shoes on Google last week and found many, they were all rated for BMXracing and Mountain biking. Answer and Shimano have nice offerings.
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Shimano is good for the $100-ish shoes.

That said, my last pair of Sidis lasted 10 years before I lost them. I'm sure they'd still be going strong today.
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Finndog, You missed a killer deal on steep and cheap. Northwaves about $75. I have 4 pairs, Shimano, Northwave (winter specific), Nike (bolted the sole back down) and Specialized (after 2 other pairs were returned with delaminated soles, one of the straps is split on this pair). Can't tell you the model of them. I'm bad about this. I'll post a couple that I think I like. Oh by the way I don't like buckles as they can pop open. I prefer 3 straps.
I believe these are like my Shimano's just a newer version. These are the best shoes I've owned. I've had quite a few.
I believe these got good reviews.
has buckles...
Hope this helps.
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Depending on how technical your riding is you have a basic decision to make about the type of shoe. If you're riding somewhat technical terrain where you will be out of your clips for hiking or for balance I'd recommend a softer soled shoe.

After a decade of multiple pairs of Sidi Dominators I have my first pair of softer soled shoes (Nike Kato IV) and couldn't be happier. And they only cost about $50!
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great, thanks, i do want something that you can walk in. I was looking at that shimano 121 before, looks like a good shoe. Couloir, good advice and idea, I will check those katos out. Thanks
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I don't know if they make any shoe that is great for walking, but:

X2 on the Sidis.
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Like ski boots, whatever is the best fit. I liked some of Shimanos, but they were too narrow for my feet. Ended up with a pair of Specalized Tahoe (has laces and velcro strap) and I'm very happy with them.
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There more money than what you have stated but SIDI Dominator shoes rock.Very comfortable and bomb proof. I had one pair for 5 years 3 rides a week in very mountainous, rocky, rooty, terrain. I bought another pair and have 7 years on those, so you have to take into consideration the length of time they will last in your purchasing decision.
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