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Any folks with a partial meniscectomy?

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Had mine done a month or so ago and rehab is going fine, no pain or any significant discomfort. I had a question, though, as to the long term wellness of the knee. Mine was a lateral partial, with approx 40% removed.

Any folks out there care to share their story and how (if at all) it's affecting athletics or skiing? Thanks.
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Under no circumstances should you pressue the knee and rotate the lower leg. I hurt imine BADLY just playing golf. Ruined it in fact. It swells up a lot.

Ice helps.
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You've lost some of the "o-ring" in there, so some of the natural cushioning effect is lost. Make sure you keep the muscles around the knee strong. I've lived with it for 25 years, mostly feels fine, once in a while I get a twinge if I rotate while weight bearing over the joint.
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