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1080 Gun or Sandstorm or Line 100?

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I am thinking of either the Salomon Gun 130-96-124 (174) or the Salomon Sandstorm 130-96-124 (173) or the Line Prophet 100 133-100-124 (172).

I have demo'd the Sandstorm and liked it, I am a long time Pocket Rocket user and know the Gun is sorta the evolution of the PR. I have Line 80's and like the wood core energy.

I like steep trees, chutes and higher speed bowls (the PR's were pretty hoppy there)
Feedback appreciated.
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Think you've asked two different questions. If you're an old PR owner (like me) and loved 'em in tight spaces, but they sucked in crud or ice at anything over a jog, the Guns will give you the same feel, same turniness, somewhat better stability. They'd be my pick for trees/bumps.

Sandstorms are, from what I've read, stiffer Guns without a tail. So same feel, less turniness, better stability still. I bet they'd be great at speed in an open bowl.

I have the Prophet 90. Value their ability to be soft for pow but still good on groomed, definitely more pop than any Sollie. Everyone raves about the 100.
So decide whether you more value right-now turniness (Gun) or stability at speed (Sandstorm) or 50% of each (Prophet).
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Originally Posted by pablo5z View Post

I have demo'd the Sandstorm and liked it,
You have your answer.

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Pablo5z, I'm interested in your thoughts of the Sandstorm versus your Pocket Rockets?
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If you like the Sandstorms, I would go with those over the Guns. I have been a Salomon fan for years, but I got tired of the foam core. If you are a bigger skier, around 200 lbs, then they become too soft. With that being said the Sandstorms are a wood core. I owned the Salomon Fury last season and really liked the ski as a do everything well ski. I demoed a pair of Line Prophet 90s at the end of last season and I loved them. They felt so much more solid than any recent Salomon. I bought those this year. I would demo the Line Prophet 100. The good news is that you can pick up last year's model for pretty cheap (450ish at untracked.com), and it is the same as this year's.
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Calgary Skier,
When I demo'd the Sandstorm it was early season and not much "off trail" was open (Taos) but there was some fresh pow that I could hit on the edges of the groomers. I liked that they felt more stable at speed than my PR's, a little more platform and they felt slightly stiffer. I think the S-Storms mounting point is different than the PR's, which might have helped in the speed category.

I'm leaning towards the S-Storms but the any of the three would probably work great for me.
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Line Prophet 100's. Super light, great all around ski, you won't be sorry. I saw some 172's fairly cheap around somewhere- Ebay, Craigslist, somewhere.
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