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Skiing Rules

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Have you ever been really wasted, and wanted attention? Well, I got plenty of attention from a p-o'ed bartender tonight and it seemed a little unfortunate. Anyway, Skiing rules and snowmobiling sucks. Best of times to all. I'll get more involved when I'm sober.

Spag [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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One day I'll tell ya' about my one and only bar brawl! [img]tongue.gif[/img] Hope the head aint too bad in the mornin'!
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Originally posted by M@tteo:
A straightline can be fun...just ask Jeremy Nobis!

oh...before I forget Snowmobiling and Skiing have a Symbyotic relationship.....use the sled to access the goods!
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I'm not sure I get the connection with Nobis and the straight line? He was 8th in GS in Norway.(learned to ski at Devil's Head here in Dairy Air)(flattest hill in the Midwest I think)
FYI, Brant Moles started out at Wilmot WI/IL.(Stateline run is in both states)
I'd say that argument was a "lost cause" in states not known for mountains. For sure it would be up "nort" in Dairy Air.
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I have aboslutely no idea what you're talking about, This is not something that has ever happened to me, nor could it ever happen to me. Please explain this concept of being "wasted".

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Bar fight? You? Really? This I gotta hear!!!

I never get into bar fights. No, quite to the contrary, I follow Ted Hendricks’ (1976 Oakland Raiders linebacker) lead: incite, obfuscate, create dissention, fan the flames, and leave quietly just as the whole carefully crafted plan reaches critical mass and explodes. Oddly, this barroom maneuver works more often than it fails. Ah, the satisfaction of a well crafted plan reaching fruition.

Notorious Spag:

I remember on career day during high school we had 2 bums come in to discuss their career choices, no I am not kidding. The one bit of advice I gleaned from that encounter was, don’t stop drinking. If you do, then you leave an opening for the insidious hangover to grab hold. Your only problem with the other night was “sleeping it off”. According to my sources this is the only fatal flaw to a life of serious drink!! Cheers!!
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Believe me, it was so totally out of character, that when I walked back in, the whole place broke down into hysterical laughter!

But since it has no relation to skiing whatsoever, it would be wrong to tell it hear.

On very rare occaisions, in this forum I've been known to give a few poor fools the verbal equivalent of a quick in the butt!

But only if they REALLY deserved it! [img]tongue.gif[/img]

[ April 27, 2002, 03:26 PM: Message edited by: Lisamarie ]
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Tom, everything is relative.
I like speed, but I take more fulfillment if I can ski a place while (read trying to execute, please) executing perfect turns, of different radii, adapting my turns to the terrain.
Of course there are slopes or conditions where a straightline is the only way out.
But unless one skis extreme all the time, that can rarely happen.
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Wow. I don't remember posting this!!! (ha ha) A LARGE time was had by all, let me assure you. I had a powerful thirst that apparently needed quenching. The bartender and I have made nice, and I still have all my teeth, so situation is back to "normal".

Definition of WASTED - drinking yourself into full-on defilement. Also known as PULLING/SPRAINING YOUR LIVER, CAN O' CORN, TOO DRUNK TO FISH, CONSUMING MASS QUANTITIES, SHINING, GETTING PISSED, BLOTTO, TILTED, BLASTED, HAMMERED, DOGGED, FRAYED, TORN UP, or BLOWN APART. Also, Wasted can be divided into any of these 5 stages:
1. Stall
2. Spin
3. Crash
4. Burn
and 5. Die

I was somewhere between 4 and 5 when I posted this originally, so I apologize for being a needy drunk.

LM. Someday I'd like to see that story. I bet you got your mean on, eh?

Anyway, I'm never drinking again today.
Spag :

Oh yeah, my head felt like a frozen pine-apple this morning! Peace out.
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I forgot to add the word SARCASM to my last post! As for the morning after, my normal suggestion is hair of the dog. And failing that, just misquote Hal David
"So, for at least, until tomorrow,
I'll never have a drink again"

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Jeez Spaggy! I, as you know, quit the sauce after an outstanding pro career (hope to be inducted into the hall in the next vote), and I remember suffering through some mornings assailed by "knowing" looks, snide remarks and giggles. You seem to have experienced a cyber version of dumbsh*t! One can only guess what you thought when the responses to your post started to pop out notices at your home email! "I went online last night?" "UH-Oh!!"
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Fox Hat. You didn't need to add SARCASM to your post. I was with you all the way, Brother! Just making light of an embarassing situation, I guess.

Robin, You at least deserve an honorable mention from what I've heard! I've been jacked back to the minors after my poor showing in the pros. At least I'm not warming the bench.

Speaking of warming the bench, your Canadians seem to be getting punched out of the Stanley Cup Playoffs pretty nicely. I almost felt sorry for Vancouver. GO WINGS!!!!!
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It was just one of those things of "I hope people reading this realsie I'm being sarcastic - it's difficult to judge the writer's viewpoint compared with that of the reader"

And now that you're sober, didn't the world feel much better when you weren't?

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He obviously wasn't too drunk, as the syntax and spelling were fine. You should see the evil things I've done online when slightly tiddly.
I hope you won the snowmobile argument, btw. I hate those things.
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I'm tempted to start a poll to see who posts when sober. (or should that be drunk?)

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How do let two short handed goals happen during a single power play? The Canucks were valient but over gunned...the Habs are still in this thing though! Hey so are Hartford and Quebec!
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