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Hey folks, who else still skis "longer" and doesn't want to make a move the shorter lengths? I'm a long time skier with a favorite pair of Volkl P40 F1 Slaloms that I ski at 193cm. I know, way old, way too long, but I love 'em. (I'm 5'10, 175#, fairly aggressive, 46 year old guy)

Anyway ...I did 'em in on some rocks during my last run of the season at Corvatch last year and now need a suitable replacement. Anyone have a clue what would be comparable? Can I still ski 185+cm? (were my 205cm slaloms that long ago?)

I skied an Atomic racing slalom at 180-something cm on a demo day and found they got speed wobbles.

What's a good all mountain slalom-style ski for more traditional (but still radical) skiers?

Thanks, in advance!