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Skiing and Crested Butted

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I mostly ski of piste, but within resort boundaries and most of the time prefer to use lift (or traversing from the lift) vs hike. I like trees and steeps and open bowls. I looked at the trail map of Crested Butte and it looks like everything is either green/blue or double blacks (not accessible via lift). I know that impression from the maps could be wrong...

How is the town? I am planning to be there right after the New Year?
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There are two T-bars over there amongst the double blacks, I'm pretty sure. I think that is what the dotted lines with the yellow rectangles are.

The Teocalli insert on the map does say you have to "walk" out of the bowl at the bottom.

It does look like there is a serious gap between the blues and the double blacks. Their message has serious multiple-personality disorder: "Extreme" or "World's Best Cordoruy".

I'm leaning more and more towards CB for (part of) my February vacation.
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Unfortunately, the North Face is not likely to be open during New Years/Xmas. Only once since 2000 has it been open during the holidays - 04/05.

The main paths in the North Face are easily skiable by experts. Only to the furthest bowls do you need to hike - skiers far, far right. And out Teo bowl.

There is some low expert skiing off Twister lift, and East River.

The town is very attractive.

A good review
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If you get good snow, if, Crested Butte offers as good in-bounds, steep, expert terrain served by lifts as I've ever found anywhere. You'll have to hike a bit off the top of the T-bar, but the hikes are easy. This also limits traffic somewhat. The ski patrol is active, friendly and helpful. And the town is a delight.
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There is plenty of black skiing that is accessible from lifts, particularily those two t-bar lifts, but coverage will dictate a lot. I was there the last week in January two years ago and while it was completely un-crowded, the coverage was bony - there were plenty of lines I skipped as I was riding by myself.

The town is great - definitely take the time to stroll around.
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its a great place. the terrain is as good as alta but it does not snow as much. lots of great stuff with a short hike.

Teocalli as a 15 minute hike out but it has groomed path.
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If you're interested in the North Face steeps, you're wasting your money to go to Crested Butte "right after the New Year." Don't be fooled if they open the lift with great fanfare around that time. Maybe 10-20% of the North Face terrain will have adequate cover by then.

Don't even think about going to CB any earlier than February, and March would be a safer bet.
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I agree that the later in the season the better the coverage will be. Because of the cold the base does not disappear. I have been skiing at the Butte a few days a year for the last 6 years and have concluded that, regardless of what their base is, you will hit rocks if you ski the steeps. That being said, take some rock skis and go for it. They've got more in-bounds gravity there than anyplace else in Colorado. If you don't have a local guiding you around you can get yourself in some hairy places if you go exploring in Spellbound, Third and Phoenix Bowls, but that's part of the fun. You gotta love a place with runs like "Dead Bob's Chute" and "Body Bag." Once you get over to the top of Spellbound there are no routes down that don't include some sketchy parts, so be careful who you take over there because there is no backing out once you start.
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Approximately how many vertical feet are the runs in Spellbound, Third, and phoenix bowls. At least 1000 I would hope. Is it a comparable mountain to the bird.. hopefully steeper, obviously less snow. How does the average pitch of the mountain compare to Snowbird? At the Bird you can ski a pretty consistent pitch for 3000 without too much mellow stuff in between.
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I am just guessing from memory, but I think the north side bowls give you around 1,500 of uninterrupted steep vert in most places, maybe a little more. On the front side you can get some similar shots. The difference from Snowbird and Alta is the amount of "extreme" lift accessed terrain. Even if you hike and traverse at Bird/Alta it is just not as steep at those places as the Butte, unless you get up to the Baldy Chute. If Crested Butte had the kind of snow Utah gets (instead of closer to half that) it would be unbelieveable. The other difference is the crowds. You can go over to Spellboud or Third Bowl and litteraly not see another skier half the time. There is a lower traverse that allows cutting in below Spellbound and just doing Phoenix, but off the top you generally feel lonely.
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Originally Posted by mdf View Post
There are two T-bars over there amongst the double blacks, I'm pretty sure. I think that is what the dotted lines with the yellow rectangles are.

I got a paper trail map in the mail with the marketing brochure, so now I can see what is going on. The dotted lines are closure lines, and the yellow rectangles are access gates. So the traverse in is a little longer than I originally thought. Still looks enticing, tho...
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