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Numb feet in boots

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Guys I will be getting fit for boots in the next month. The only boots that I have used or rental boots. What do you think the problem would be when I get that numb feet feeling (tingling) in my boots. Is it because they are to tight or blood just not circulating. My feet didn't feel that way all the time just some of the time and they didn't feel that way when I put the boots on. Any suggestions?

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numb usually = no circulation = too much pressure over the forefoot.

Now that can be from over tightening the buckles to try to hold the foot in place, and getting a smaller, tighter boot will solve that. Usually it is the heel that moves around, and so people overtighten the two toe buckles to help that (and it works, kind of) It also cuts off the circulation to the foot too. some buy a smaller boot, leave the toe buckles loose (or off) and you should not have numb toes.

If your buckles are loose then you need more instep room. thin out the footbed, boot board, or the tongue of the boot.
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Make sure you have no wrinkles in your socks and that you are wearing only one pair and that your long johns or pants are not tucked into the top of your boots.
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