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Jetta Ad

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The ads may be good.
The cars, not so much.

So far on 2000 Jetta TDI after 3 years ownership (bought used 2004):
  • Diesel Injection Pump - $2300 repair
  • Timing Belt Service - $800 needs it every 40,000 miles and typical local mechanics can't do it without ruining the engine.
  • Timing belt and tensioner (again because done wrong the first time) 400 on top of injection pump replacement. $400 as a "special favor" by dealer while doing the Injection pump.
  • Broken Glove Box repair (requires taking apart the whole console and dash to replace the frakkin' door) $250
  • Broken Sunroof track repair $150
  • Alternator replacement $300
  • Battery replacement due to alternator problem killing it $250 by "stealership"
  • Alternator replacement all over again $90 labor, warranteed parts
  • Battery replacement again due to alternator problem killing another one $150
  • special VW software (VAG-COM) to try to diagnose mysteriously recurring and unsolved Glow Plug circuitry issue. $100
  • replacement cups of coffee and laundry costs from the stupidly designed break-prone cupholders $50 so far.
  • unrepaired due to "not worth it and parts cost a mint": broken armrest/console door, broken trunk release acutator, broken cupholder.
  • Frequent Flyer miles from the credit card charges for above: Priceless

Pretty much the only reason I'm still driving it is to try to recover the sunk cost of the injection pump repair.

The quality of modern VWs has gone to total shite. Cars might be fun to drive and safe, but an utter piece of junk. From everything I've read, the latest generation Jetta(Bora/Vento in EU), Golf(now again Rabbit in US) is every bit as unreliable.

At least their ads are good...
Cars themselves are the joke.
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