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Summertime Below the Equator.

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Well, it looks like my schedule just opened wide up.
Being jobless is kind of a bummer. But at least this gives me an opportunity to do something I’ve always wanted to try. Go spend a summer skiing!

Where’s the best place to ski bum for a season?

I’ve heard that Queenstown, New Zealand is really cool. Big mountains, lots of snow, and a cool skier town. I could probably get a job there teaching skiing, tuning skis, or something like that.

How’s South America? I don’t know much about it. How does the skiing compare to NZ? Would I survive there at all without speaking spanish?

Anyone know where I can look up more info on doing a trip like this?

Are there any kiwis or S.Americans here?
Has anyone ever done this before? Any advice? Will I make it?????
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I don't know much about it, but as far as I know, many of the racers train in Chile, there's also some skiing in Argentina - my sister went there one summer, cause she decided she wanted to start skiing, she thought it was good, but hasn't skied since!

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Cannot comment on South America but you will have a ball in Queenstown. More adventure in NZ than vegetarian meals. Baaaa

Oz can be lots of fun but the skiing usually sucks.

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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In NZ I would suggest Queenstown or Wanaka. They are an hour apart, so you can stay in one and visit the other. The two ski areas in Wanaka have more reliable snow than Queenstown. Property prices in Queenstown are making it difficult in the ski season to find accomodation for workers, but not impossible.

Check out www.snow.co.nz www.wanaka.co.nz www.nzski.com www.treblecone.co.nz www.cardrona.co.nz
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Check out the posts on skiing in NZ in the Travel section of EpicSki...(and I challenge you to not get barred up)
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Are these photos enough to tempt you to Wanaka, NZ? They are the Saddle Basin area of Treble Cone, my favourite field

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I can't speak for South America but NZ is defintely a great place to spend a winter. Queenstown and Wanaka are both really cool but a shortage of accomodation means living there is expensive unless you come over now and get a place to stay. Another option might be to try the club fields, they are much cooler and you get to live on the mountain (all accomodation is at least 1/2 hr drive away from the slopes).

Most places will start hiring in a month or two so it might be a good time to start sending e-mails.

Good luck!

edit: And you can try real beer!

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Shoudln't be too expensive, your USD buys 2.2 NZD. That is a lot of beer. Do a season in Wanaka, then hit Mt Ruapehu in late Sept for some truly epic spring skiing.
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The fields are selling their cheap earlybird seasons passes at the moment. This will save you heaps on lift passes. Means you have to make a decision now though.

I bought a national ski pass which gives me access to the 15 commercial ski fields in NZ for $799NZD = $334 USD. Only places you cannot ski are the club fields and their passes are cheap, about $35 NZD a day. The national passes were limited to the first 625 people, not sure if they have sold out - probably, they sold 300 in the first day. If you want to check, phone (0064) 4 499 8135 and ask. Don't know if they are avilable to NZ residents only.

Other passes worth a look are www.nzski.com - $399 NZD gives you Coronet Peak, remarkables, Mt Hutt , Ohau www.cardrona.co.nz : Cardrona ultimate pass also gives you access to the two North Island ski fields (they are a LONG way from Cardrona)
Treble Cone - $399 NZD early season pass

Also check out the extras ont he passes, most give you $20 day off at other selected fields.

The $399 NZD passes will cost you $167 USD - that is a VERY cheap seasons pass when you have US dollars to spend.
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Never been to South America, but lived and worked in New Zealand for a couple of years.
Loved the country and people (10 years on, several of us stay in touch still) and since there would be no language barrier, I'd say go to NZ. Slang barrier is easily overcome (spend a penny anyone?) South Island/Queenstown area would be best for the skiing. Enjoy.
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