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Help with racing boots

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Posted this over in the equipment section but it was recommended I ask here too.

I'm currently using a rather old pair of Atomic Race:10 boots. They starting to look a little over the hill and I'm interested in getting a replacement. I've been looking at the Atomic Ti 130, and while I haven't been able to try any of the exact model on, the CS 120's I tried were quite comfortable. I'm a 5'10" 130lbs skier looking for a strictly race boot. Any recommendations for other boots or comments on the Atomic Ti series? Any good boot fitters near or around Boston MA? Thanks.
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the main differnence between the CS and the TI is the last, the TI is 95mm whereas the CS 98mm, other than that the shape is the same, the extra wall thickness on the TI is designed so that it can be ground out to create spaces at specific points, so if you are going that route you will need to be in touch with a good boot fitter unless you have a foot with less width than a pencil. as for fitters in your area, i would head a little north to stowe and see Benny Wax at innerboot works on the mountain road, i am sure others will be along soon with other bootfitters in the region

good luck
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I just picked up a pair of the Ti130's. A few people I spoke to about them said I should think about having some work done on them as they are a plug type boot. Any suggestions on places that can work on plug boots around my area?
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Don't know Boston, but around Vermont or NH no problem.
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Look at the list at the top of this forum
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I only really found one place around me that does any kind of work on boots, SkiStop in Westwood MA. Anyone have any experience with them? Any good recommendations of someplace in NH (preferably within an hour to two drive of Boston) that can do some good work on a plug boot? The foot portion of the boot is fine really, its just the calf and ankle part that need heavy work. I have somewhat boney ankles that are just digging into the sides of the boot, as well as very flat feet that I normally wear custom footbeds in my sneakers for.
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Yep, Go see him he is a good guy, very knowlegable and will be able to help you out a lot. He is like the on hill service guy in Boston.
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I've been sitting around my house with the boots on, and the longer I wear them, the more I notice how much discomfort I have around the inner and outer part of my ankle. Is this normal for a plug type boot? I tried on several plugs including Lange and TecnicaM and they all seemed to have similar pressure points, but the Ti was, I felt, the snuggest boot (a plus for racing) but also seems to have the most discomfort around the ankle. the lower foot is almost perfect, just that upper cuff. Is that something that can be easily fixed?
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Forgot to put it into my last post and apparently you can't edit:

I was quoted a price by that SkiStop shop (found in sticky here) of $230 for custom foot beds, and all the stretching, grinding, adjustments, etc needed. That about what I should be paying?
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