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Broken Thumb "skiers thumb" questions

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Anyone know who is the best hand specialist in Utah? I was told by the resort doctor that I will most likely need sugury within the week and my usual orthepedic Curtis Johnson will be out of town till Jan 3rd so I am looking for another doctor to fix me up.

Good news is I landed a backflip yesterday! Only to break my thumb on a much smaller jump that appeared to have a powder landing that was actually all rocks.

Anyway, I would appreciate recomendations and also any MD's opinions on best treatment options would help too, thanks.
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Can't say anything about best treatment options given the lack of reliable info but I would recommend you not move it around much at all until the ortho specialist can check it. If the first MD felt surgery was probable you could really complicate things by moving fracture fragments around. Good luck! skidoc
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Too bad about your thumb C2. The only bone I've broken while skiing is my thumb. The doctor called it "Gamekeeper Thumb" which is a chip fracture of the thumb base bone. Some famous orthopedic surgeon at UCLA hospital was supposed to perform the surgery and insert the pin. So when they rolled me in to the operating room, I saw some other doctor's name next to my name on the wall chart! I was already 75% sedated and before I could figure out what to say or do, I was counting backward from 100... : and out cold.

Twenty years later, my left thumb is still far weaker than the right one that I had the same operation on (football injury) a few years before the ski accident.

Funny thing about the skiing injury to my thumb was that it happened while I was entering a lift maze and barely lost my balance! [img]redface.gif[/img]

I remember being able to ski with the cast about 2 weeks after the surgery. My advice: get it fixed asap. You'll be skiing sooner and it will heal better. Good luck. Thumbs up! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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I had about the same thing happen to my thumb. Broken with a bone chip at the base. That was a year and a half ago. I had 6 months of physical therapy. I wanted to have surgery but they said the only thing they could possibly do was to fuse the joint together and I wouldn't be able to move it the rest of my life. Doc said the fracture was small and that it really shouldn't hurt. Frankly, it hurts like hell everyday, especially when the weather is changing. At least I now know when a storm rolling in.
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I would head to the local bookstore and look in the medical magazines section. There is a new addition of the top doc's in the country magazine out. It will have a breakdown by specialty and location. I would imagine that the ER splinted it yes? gave you some pain meds and some anti-inflamatorys and told you to see your Orthopod? I would make some phone calls and try and see someone right away. If they say you can wait for a couple weeks untill your normal Doc is back and your sure you can get a table ASAP that is obviously your first choice but if it needs to get fixed do it. I had a broken thumb 5 years ago which I have yet to get full ROM on and never will. Good Luck. If I find a web site for hand surgens in Utah I'll send it along.
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Give this site a try if your still in market for a doc.


Good luck

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Thanks everyone.
I just had it casted today. Doc (the only one available in the christmas season) said it didn't need sugury and that itnshould heal fine. That worries me cause a doc said that to me about my left arm and I had to have it oppereated on later cause all my ROM disapeared. I am planning on seeing another guy in early Jan that I know knows what he is doing and hopefully it was the right diagnosis or it is not too late to fix.
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