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Ski size question

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I have a friend who is in the market for skis. Advanced level guy who is returning to the sport after 20 years. Leaves me in the dust on his old 195s. He wants to buy skis now. As a rule of thumb, how should he be sized? He is 6'2" and weighs 155lbs. Do we go by weight or height? I ask this because he is facing a great deal on a new pair of last year's Metron M11b5 in a 164 which would fit his weight, but would only reach his chin.
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He should see how he does when he comes back. Lenght really depends on what you want and how you plan on using the ski. I have skis ranging from 156 to 183s for freeski skis, and I'm 5'9" 140lbs.
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The recommendation for the M11B5 is go short.
Therefore I'd guess that the 162 would be fine for him, at his weight.

There was a bear who commented a few times that he'd have preferred it a little longer, but then his physical stats aren't the same.
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