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Well, to go along with one of the great weekends in New England sports history, with the Boston College last minute victory by Mattie Heisman and of course the second Red Sox Championship in 4 years, the Patriots were absolutely SCARY on this Halloween weekend. Mike Vrabel played like a monster (see below), causing 3 turnovers, catching another TD, many tackles, even recovered an onside kick late in the game.

The Redskins were SUPPOSED to have a tough pass defense. They were SUPPOSED to be one of the toughest NFC teams, possibly 6-0 if for a few plays here or there. They were even SUPPOSED to have history on their side. Well he should have been playing quarterback.

Because that was before they got absolutely shellaleed yesterday 52-7 (what was that about a bad defense?) by our New England Patriots. To add to the history-making of this team, it's the first win since 1972 by the Pats against the Redskins, including winning over Joe Gibbs for the first time.

Super Bowl 1 of the 2007 season is played next week in Indianapolis. Can't wait to see it!

Go Pats!

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IF the bookies (who know its all about the Benjamins) have the undefeated Colts being underdogs at HOME, you gotta give the Pats some props.
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I’m a life long Redskins fan. I’m now a believer in this year’s version of the Patriots. Is this a good time to be a Boston sports fan or what?! I lived through the first Joe Gibbs era. It was great, four Superbowl trips in something like nine years. Three wins. Gibbs led with a quiet humility, great team chemistry, including a strong Bible-thumping thread. It was terrific to see nice guys finish first; of course we had John Riggins too. It has been tough to watch Joe Gibbs fail this time, but at this stage and with all the crap in pro sports these days I’d rather watch his team lose, then see a jerk lead us to a few fleeting victories. Enjoy your Pats and Red Sox. The game with the Colts should be fun.
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Originally Posted by Dino View Post
When I think of a "dynasty" I think of a team that not only wins championships but humiliates its opponents in the process. ..... The Patriots are a good team, but quite frankly, they'll never be considered great.
The only team that humilated it's opponents consistently were the 49er teams. The Steelers didn't do it nor did the Cowboys.

Truth be told todays Patriots would beat the 70's Steelers teams with ease. Todays athletes are far superior in every way. They are bigger, stronger, faster, and quicker.
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Hey, I apologize to everyone and admit this year's Pats have been COMPLETELY dominating in ways that prior Pats championship teams were not. 30 TDs and 2 INTs for Brady? That's sick.

If they win in the playoffs and the SB the way they've been winning all year, then IMO they will join the very best teams of all time. But, we'll still have to see; 1/2 a year & playoffs to go, and a key injury could turn the team into the 1998 Vikings. Knock on wood; don't want to see an injury ruin it.

I agree that modern athletes being bigger, faster, stronger, i.e. nearly bionic. Tough to compare eras that way, so when looking at "historic" teams, I look at how good their opponents were and how much better the best team was than the second best team.

The early '90's Cowboys and old Niner teams were FAR better than the other playoff teams & the scores showed it (for instance, Cowboys won in playoffs by ~10-17ppg). Also, their opponents were excellent.

The Steelers also played some excellent teams, and were feared by them. One poster pointed out that the Steelers were a defensive team, like the 3 prior Pats championship teams, and neither team won by a lot.

Well made point, but somehow, I feel the Steelers were more feared & got more respect than the prior Pats teams, and more people expected the Steelers to win. I also thought less of the Pats' opponents than the Steelers'.

Y'know, on the W. Coast we don't watch the Pats as much as E. Coasters. We get the freakin' Raiders & current Niners. Maybe watching all that crappy football just makes me cranky ol' bastid.
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9 and Oh what a game

The Patriots should probably be 10 and 0 considering they beat the refs too yesterday.

What a disgrace from that perspective ... but not to take away from a great game and comeback to win.

The pace of the game seemed to be in the Colts favor early, but in truth it was the defensive schemes forced upon them. Pats started out in nickel packages in the secondary, which forced Peyton to dump off underneath. Enter Joseph Addai.

It occurred to me that as the game wore on in the 4th quarter the better team rose to the occasion and the Colts were exposed. My overrated/underrated results from yesterday


Bob Sanders. Outplayed and outclassed by Rodney Harrison he was for the most part an non-factor with 5 tackles.

Pats Oline. They had a very difficult time with a smaller albeit quicker Colts dline. Somewhat of a surprise considering their performance throughout the year.

NFL officiating crews. One sided calls made a lopsided result as far as field position. There's fair and there's Bellicheck/Patriot fair. The league has had a beef with the Pats over the past several meeting with the Colts. They changed the rules in 04 after the Patriot dbacks manhandled Colts wide receivers. This time the new wrinkle was flipping the same coin on the offensive side against Moss.

The crowd at the RCA dome. Pretty much folded like a wet noodle once Brady started the comeback.


Colts defense. They are very good, extremely quick and impressive, forcing Brady into more than one INT for the first time this year, many rushed plays - very tough.

Randy Moss. If possible we've underestimated his worth to the team. The Colts had no answer for him and eventually he burned them.

NE Special teams. Especially Welker, who had several key returns that set up Patriots scores.

Joseph Addai - he almost singlehandedly won the game in the first half and literally carried the Colts offense throughout the game (partially by Belichekian design). But he responded and took what they gave him and more.

Tom Brady in the clutch: He does it again. And again and again.

Pats defense - as time went on they got stouter and tougher. They made key redzone stops and that enabled the comeback.
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10-0, is there any doubt they will win out? Coach Bellicheck is making a point to the NFL and his detractors. This team is on a mission to prove them wrong thanks to the naysayers questioning their validity and allegations of "cheating" in week 1. Last I checked the Jets won 2 games - I guess there are a lot of teams using tape then .

These two guys are taking sight of the record books. Brady's on pace to throw 61 - my guess is around 56.

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The Patriots are so much better than any other team, there's no real point in finishing out the season, other than to see how many records they can break.
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The Patsies are the real deal but make no mistake, they did cheat and will lose a #1 draft choice. It's too bad that someone in the organization felt they had to do this as it does unnecessarily tarnish their reputation.

My hope that the Steelers would stop the Pat's win streak ended at the Meadowlands this last Sunday. I just can't figure out the Steelers this year. I guess former coach Cowher was right when he said that you're not as bad as they say and not as good as you think.

Yep james, might as well just give them the Lombardi Trophy now.
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This team is fun to watch. I am not a fan of them, but I respect what the are doing. They are playing with a chip in their shoulders and they will win out. Shula should have kept his mouth shut, the Pat's didn't need another reason to win.
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anything can happen. But they look pretty good right now. Yeah - they cheated (scoffing) - more locker room fodder for coach Bill

It's amazing how they retain the underdog psyche despite all their accomplishments. He always finds something. Brady still thinks of himself as a 6th round draft pick with something to prove.
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Damn Pats, my Eagles almost got them last night. Go Birds! McNabb needs to skip town if he doesn't want to be booed anymore.
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Yeah JJ McFeeley has beaten them before too when he was with Miami.

I gotta hand it to the Eagle coaches and players - they had the right schemes defensively and really exploited the middle of the field on offense. And the Feeley was very accurate and almost always hit the right guy every time. Almost wasn't quite enough though with 2 intercepts. It'll be interesting to see whether other teams can do this because the Pats defense could not stop it. Of course not every team has Westbrook, who's an amazingly talented overall threat.

But in the end, our defense made enough plays and the offense held up their part of the deal to hold on. Still undefeated after 11 games, thanks in part to this little tough guy Wes Welker.

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They pulled one out in a tremendous game which set records for cable TV on Monday night. Now they face another tough challenge, maybe the toughest one since Colts on Sunday!

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It'll be the Fins that break both runs in one fell swoop. :

It has been pretty impressive watching the coolness kept all the way to the wire by the Pats.

(Did you here Shula's 'back tracking' comments regarding SpyGate? 'Moi?'
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I want those bitter old men to shut up and go home. That's the only reason I'd like to see the Pats win all of their games... and the Dolphins lose all of theirs!
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how about Mercury Morris? Him and Greise were on there. At the time as a kid I liked the Cowboys so they were kind of my enemies back then too .

ON any given week anything can happen as the old cliche goes
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This guy got burned after mouthing off last week - a rookie mistake and to their credit the Steeler teammates and coaches immediately backed off it. But it was too late - Brady and crew had another mantra to propel them this week. Great win by a great team. Maybe Pittsburgh wasn't that good after all (just like Philly and Baltimore weren't so bad)

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Perfection 16-0!

Great game - the Giants put up a noble effort but just couldn't sustain it for 4 quarters against arguably one of the best teams ever. Hopefully the injuries they sustained to uphold the honour of Mercury Morris and the 72 Dolphins won't hurt their cause in the postseason.

Actually I thought they were a tough match-up due to their good pass rush.

But ... they let this guy beat them for two records in the same play (most TDs by a receiver and a quarterback) and ensuring a perfect regular season record.

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This just in....

The Patriots area pretty good football team.
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What I learned watching the Pats this season--

If you play better than the Pats for 15 minutes, you lose.
If you play better than the Pats for 30 minutes, you lose.
If you play better than the Pats for 45 minutes, you lose.
If you play better than the Pats for 50 minutes (last night), you lose.

The only way any team will beat the Pats this post-season is if they play better than the Pats for the entire 60 minutes of the game.
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I thought Bellichek was gracious to the Giants in the postgame interview (yes I'm a sports loser I watch all the hype shows - too keyed up to sleep anyway . He even quoted coach Parcells which he never does. Considering the way they comport themselves generally I just don't get the haters - must be a "good team" thing.

Now they get a few days off to enjoy their accomplishment and back to work ....
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Originally Posted by ct55 View Post
But ... they let this guy beat them for two records in the same play (most TDs by a receiver and a quarterback) and ensuring a perfect regular season record.

The shocker for me was how this catch followed the play before when Moss dropped a similar bomb when he was also wide open. Two plays virtually the same, Moss wide open on both, but underthrown on the first and drops it. Second time's the charm for paydirt.
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AFC champs ... soon to be?

Pats fans, it's not too late to get a jump on your neighbors and pre-order your AFC Champion hats from the NFL. Yes they actually have the audacity to print them up and sell them before the game tomorrow.

... well, as if there's any doubt - Pats 34, Chargers 17 is my prediction.
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T shirts and hats are always made before the final score. Rest assured that the Chargers have theirs ready too but this public display could be a bad omen. Still, I can't see anybody stopping Brady. Have fun Patsies fans, these are the golden years.
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They certainly should win. But as a friend of mine once said "I never bet on a game where the ball isn't round!"
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Chargers IMO are the only team in the tournament that can match up with N/E.......

I don't like their chances but if LT, Gates and Rivers can go and they get a couple of lucky breaks/T.O.s could be a good game......

Plus they got the best fight song
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sheesh - Rivers is definitely tough but also a total jack***. Closer than I expected so far ....
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it is tough to win trading field goals for touch downs
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Fascinating thing about this team is that in the last 9 or so games, most have been close and in doubt, but I never really worried. It wasn't a cocky fanlike "we're going to win this game!" it was a calm feeling of confidence that the Patriots would win.

Really a good team. One for the ages. One to go!!!!
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