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I don't really want to sell these but need the money for new bindings on another pair of sticks.
- Please buy my lightly used (new out of the plastic last year) pair of '05/06 155 Atomic M:EX with Atomic Neox 412 bindings (adjustable - no remount needed).
- They probably have 10-15 days on them.
- Dimensions: 119-84-109.
- Good condition, both bases and edges. One unnecessary thin ptex job to cover a scratch, not a shot to the core.
- These are a lot of fun and will go anywhere on the mountain. Pretty stiff ride.
- Remember these ski long / or are supposed to ski short. Whatever it is. All my other skis are in the 163-168 range.

I'm thinking $300 + shipping? Offers considered. Possible partial-trade if you have a pair of bindings I can use - Salomon 912 or z12 Ti. Skis are fated to go on to ebay or craigslist soon if nobody wants them.

I can take pics if there is interest expressed. Skis have these graphics (Not a pic of my actual skis):