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Moab TR - Slickrock and Arches National Park lots of pictures

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Go figure a week ago I was skiing powder at alta now last sunday the 7th I rode my bike in a dry warm desert...got to love utah.

So this was my first visit to Moab, and my first time riding the slickrock trail. Moab is a gorgerous desert town settle in a large canyon. The sceneray is pretty unreal there. Will be spending some time down for sure with maybe ever some ski touring days in the La Sals.

On to the slickrock trail following the directions on my trusty Utah Mountain Biking Guide Book we make are way to the slickrock trail head.

Slickrock trail is basically a huge skatepark made out of rock. Its ranges from super smooth and grippy rollercoaster like sections, to rough broken slickrock, to super steep climbs and drop, tight switchback with HUGE fall consequences, impossiable for me to pass sand pits(well didnt see anyone clear them to be honest).

Its the most technical and scariest XC trail I have ridden in the past 2 years, not to mention it pretty strenous for its short lenght. With that said its was blast and I think riding it in october was the perfect time to go.

The view of the alien looking slickrock from the parking lot.

Jake on one of the redicoulously steep climbs on trail

Jake desending right above Negro Bill's Canyon

This trail is like nothing I have ever ridden

Jake showing his intestinal foritude on the edge of giant cliff

Rollercoast of love ....eww eww eww

The Desert and the La Sals and Can I get "Change for Nickel"

me powering up a steep climb

Jake on the broken slickrock/sand pits that are way tougher than they look.

The views sucked

I actually made most of these or got them the second try up, these climb require you to be on top of your game.

This stuff is so fun to rail on, the bike just bites and goes, slickrock is such a misnomer

I can see for mile and miles

very steep

I little natural skatepark fun 2 big banked turns then a G-out and little jump

Arches is soon to come
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didnt have enough time to realyl stop here but will be back next sumer.

first stop in park

ME in front of balance rock and the rock we were calling to butt.

Just amazing

huge arch

better shot further away

The sunsets on a great day
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When did you get a new bike? Nice TR!
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Ah, the memories. Looks like you had a nice overcast cool day. Ready for 24 hours? Slickrock will get slick if its wet. I used a Bontrager Revolt semi-slick on the outer loop of this trail, man they were fast.
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Originally Posted by doublediamond223 View Post
When did you get a new bike? Nice TR!
sometime last summer from TGR. 600 bucks giant trance 2

The bike rocked Johnny Zoo I imagine with some more weight taken off via a new crank and a lighter wheel set 2.1 tires its going to be one heck of a endro racer. right now at 27lb and 2.4 tires its really efficient and fun to ride.
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Thanks for the pic's BW!

I was down in Moab the week before you. Rode the Soverign trail the 1st day with some slickrock detours & then took my rode bike for the out & back in Arches park, but it got really windy.

I remember my 1st time on the Slickrock trail in the late 80's. I was on a bike with no shocks & wore tennis shoes. The technicality of it seemed like no big deal. I didn't get back there till about 5 yrs. ago, with a modern full suspension bike & a ton of experience. The 1st few miles scared the crap out of me, till I settled in a little. Just like I say about backcountry skiing... "The more I know, the scareder I get".

I think the Slickrock Trail is one of a kind. Every Mountain Biker owes it to themselves to do it at least once in their lives.


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Looks like a great trip, Bushwacker. I've got some ancient video ('89) of a trip that includes that natural terrain park shot location. Wish I had the capability of transferring my stuff to digital. We're all riding non-suspension bikes, having the time of our lives, and looking VERY retro.

Next spring (first of April), you need to load up the bikes and skis, drive to Moab, and do the "Ski the La Sals in the morning, bike Amasa Back in the afternoon" trip. Well worth it.
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Very neat pictures. I never had the honor to ride in Moab or on any such rocky formations. Looks like a very different experience. The closes we come to rocks is in our "boneshaker" section of the race course.
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Hi everyone!

My Website TR

160+ Picture Gallery

Originally Posted by BushwackerinPA View Post
Jake on one of the redicoulously steep climbs on trail
That was some steep climbing I was doing.

This picture shows it a little better
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Good times, gorgeous location!
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