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:-) I will ski again

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Having ACL surgery (4th) on the 9th of November.

Prognosis: if physical therapy goes well, 90-95% recovery. Always have to wear a knee brace skiing.

I guess the end justify the means.

He didn't make any promises but he said if I can get my legs back to where they were before my accident (4 years ago), I could come out better. He also said -- no promise -- that I could go skiing this summer and I *could* ski competitively again, but I would be in a lot of pain and it would take awhile to get back into it. I said, "That's fine. Lifetime supply of Dilaudid."

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Good luck... I'm recovering from an ACL reconstruction I had on May 16th. I'll be skiing in about 5 - 6 weeks as a staff trainer at my ski school (easy stuff for awhile!).

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