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I stumbled across this on one of my RSS feeds and thought it was awesome:


Best. Hat. Ever.

I'm fresh out of cool hats and this thing is perfect, but...I'm not exactly a knitter. One of those skills I have not yet picked up. So I guess I will have to settle for a slightly less awesome hat. Any suggestions?
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Get a girlfriend?

Learn to knit--the lady says it's just a bit above the beginner level.

My wife could knit that thing while sitting in her tree stand. She crocheted herself two hats while waiting for the bear that never showed up last week despite a ton of treats consumed the couple weeks before the season opened.
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Wow! Excellent wife! Can she cook and play guitar too? She got a sister?

Here are some cool hats.

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The girlfriend idea isn't bad.

LOL, I see your post got some moderation Racer256....I think that outfit might be a bit chilly.
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Tight fitting as well.
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