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Summer skiing

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Where are the places in North and South America that you can go skiing from July onwards?

I am looking for a nice, 10 day to two week vacation (read: 6 months post-op knee surgery vacation). Maybe a ski racing camp for a few days if possible.

I've heard of Chili and Mt. Hood. But nothing more specific than that.

EDIT: Europe is fine too, but will be contingent on logistics (plane prices and dealing with the language barrier. So English friendly programs, I would consider. I have a friend in Cannes, France who says there's a glacier about 40km away that I could stay with but I rather be staying with my teammates.
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I wouldn't hit up Mt. Hood for a vacation in the summer unless you planned to take part in a race camp. The amount of terrain that's open is tiny, especially in the early part of the day when the race camps take up most of what has snow on it, and IMO wouldn't be worth the trip there. I've never been to the southern hemisphere, but I'd be inclined to think if you actually want a 2 week vacation, that's where you should be looking.
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Any names of mountains?

While I want to hit a few gates, the purpose is to just get back into skiing and enjoying it. It'll be about four years since I've been on snow.

What's important is easy transportation to and from the mountain? A little apres skiing would be nice too, but I just care about getting their quickly and cheaply and having a decent place to stay.

I don't want to spend 10k - cheap but good. Tickets to Buenos Aires in January is about 800, I am guessing cheaper in July and then another 1000 on food and lodging, then ski tickets. That's my goal - who knows if I can stick to it though.
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Search here and TGR for "Chile" & "Argentina". Also try "Portillo", "Valle Nevado", "Bariloche", etc. One thing will lead to another. Also check out and I have no affiliation with them and have never been on one of their trips (or even skied SA), but I know someone who has guided for Casa and she rocks - I'd trust her as a guide in a heartbeat, so I'd probably trust Casa due to guilt by association. I've heard good things about the other folks as well. If nothing else, their sites will give you some idea of the lay of the land.

Don't forget to consider NZ too...
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Ever looked at prices to NZ? I think they run about 3k from NY. Maybe it was 4.

I'll check out those sites. Does Chili have an abundance powder in their winter? I've never really skied it being an east coaster and all. I'll be buying skis at the end of the season for this trip and the next year.

Are you familiar with any sites for Europe?
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I'm confused. July has already passed. It is now October. Ski season is right around the corner.

So you talking about summer of 2008?
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Yes, for 2008.

Ski season may be right around the corner for you, but I have to wait at least 6 months. :/
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Prices and dates were in effect for this past summer, but the summer 2008 info should be updated within a couple of months.
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I've skied on the Hintertux glacier on the 4th of July. It's pretty cool, but the skiing day only lasted until about noon-ish. Lots of race camps, but plenty of skiing around them.

Hintertux is southeast of Innsbruck above the town of Mayrhofen.

I haven't been there in more than 15 years but my recent trips to mainstream Europe indicate that English is becoming an acceptable language in most places.
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Is there an aeroport in Innsbrunk or do you fly into Wein?
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Mt. Hood

I would not rule out Mt. Hood, yes it can be busy and the terrain limited however if you are getting back into skiing you will no doubt be taking it easy. The lodge at Timberline has great accomidations, an outside pool, hot tub and sauna.

The attached photo was taken from the northest side of Hood (Timberline is on the southside), this has no lift access but will give you idea anyway.

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Hood or South America in July? There is no question at all as to which one would be superior for skiing. SA hands down.
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I've been looking for SA packages but have fallen short. There was one site but they want me to call for quotes. ;- )
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I've been to Portillo, Chile a couple of times. Really enjoy it (especially when they get hit with a storm). It's expensive, but you can stay in the Bunk House or Octagon Lodge to keep the price down. Since you like to run gates, Portillo sets a timed GS course up every day for their guests. You may want to do a week at Portillo and a week at one of the other Chilean/Argentine resorts.
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How do you get to and from the aeroport (santiago?)?

Does Portillo have slalom racing available or just GS?
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