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Ski Pants: What are your favorites?

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OK, what's everyone using for ski pants these days? Anything particularly amazing or versatile or effective that you want to brag on?
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I've been using a pair of legend series Spyder pants for some time. They've been around the block an few times and they still look and perform like brand new. Great thing about Spyder isn't just the quality of their product, which is probably one of the best I've seen, but also their warrantee. You can do pretty much anything to an item, and they'll repair it for free or for a very reasonable rate (something like $15 in my experience).

I just picked up their Vail jacket, retails for about $700, got it for $350 at their outlet store here in Wrentham MA. Probably one of the best jackets I've owned, and I've owned a few.
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Well I got tired of getting wet when it snows (or rains), so this year I bought a pair of Gore-tex pants by AFRC. I'll report back after I have some chair time in them.
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I use DNA pants. They are made with a tough nylon shell, fit me well and have vents.
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I really like a pair of TNf pants I bought last season, very warm, loose fitting. Arc' teryx makes bomb-proof shells. I just bought a pair of Salomon "chill" pants this summer. volcom makes some nice pants too, I like snowboard style stuff, much more comfortable.
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I have a pair of Aigle gore-tex pants (lined) I picked up in Paris in 2000 for ~$110, when the dollar still had value, and they're still going strong. I also have a pair of Cloudveil Koven pants that are thinner/more breathable...
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Just picked up some Arcteryx Minuteman shells from backcountryoutlet.com. Great deal....
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I currently rock:

2006 Volcom Aqualung pants (puke green)
2006 Burton Hanna Teter plaid (mocha/cream with pink inlay...they are sweet and tweak with people's perceptions since they're "girls" pants)
2007 Analog burnt orange/cream camo

I found that I like the snowboard pants a bit more due to their bagginess (gives increased movement room in the knees and buttocks/crotch) and the sheer number of pockets they have (pockets for keys, sunscreen, glasses, wallet, snacks, water, etc).
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I have done well with spyder and avalanche. I wish some of the ski pants were made in sizes that approached mine. Patagonia, for example, seems to think that 38 waists are extra large. They offer wonderful deals to instructors, but those deals are useless to me. In a good year my waist gets down to 40. This year, not so good.
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I second the thoughts about Spyder. I've had a couple of pair in the past and LOVE them. The seem to be VERY high quality. Plus, as was mentioned above, they really stand behind their product. I just picked up the Delta pant for $89 from Backcountry.com on closeout. They look super cool, fit me perfectly and feel great. I highly recommend these. I just logged into their new "Venom" website at venom.spyder.com and they've got some great looking gear for this year. Check it out. I have friends that swear by North Face gear but I've yet to try any out. Why switch when I love Spyder.
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I'm thrilled with my pair of Descente shell's. Here is a good deal on them.
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I can recommend Arcteryx Beta AR's and Marker Goretex. Both are Goretex and polyester shell/lining. Exceptionally warm dry and functional.
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Arcteryx Minuteman for a non-insulated shell pant. 3 layer Goretex XCR, so you know there won't be any water coming through, no matter how wet it get out there. I've had mine for 2 seasons and highly recommend them. I've skied them in pouring rain & stayed completely dry.

My only gripe is that the pockets are on the small side.
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Marmot pants, don't know the name of them but they are waterproof and comfortable.

The best pants I've ever had are my Cabelas expedition bibs. They are indestructable, warm, waterproof and full of pockets and zippers. I now use them for snowmobiling as I got some oil and gas stains on them.
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I have three pairs and use them for different purposes

Pair of MEC Entrant shell pants. suprisingly warm, breath well, take a serious beating (ski patrolled in them for 5 years), have full length zips and are almost completely waterproof. had them for many years, re-waterproofed them and expect many more years to come.

similar to these.
http://www.mec.ca/Products/product_d... 1192594150143

The pair I usually wear are from Rip Curl. They are lightly lined with a VERY thin fleece, have built in gaitors, cargo pockets, inner thigh vents, Belt loops (duh why don't more pants have them) fairly waterproof. Have had them for about 3 years and they are lasting well. I have them a bit baggy to allow for extra insulation when needed. Mostly I like them cause they are blue and have pretty white accents. I will be sad when these die

lastly I got a free pair of soft shell Salomons from the Xwing rally last year. I wanted to show my appreciation to Salomon for the trip, and we were to be filmed so I wore them the entire trip. I like the soft shell pants, but if it's wet out I think they will suck. They were not too warm (good thing, they are more for fair weather IMO but with underlayers are very warm), breathed very well, seem to be fairly tough (not sure how they would take tree skiing or a wipe out in rocks) I don't like that they are black, I like colour, but they are great pants, and when they wear out I will buy another soft shell pant.

this year they are this:

I like these better, more street style than old school ski style, have belt loops, but don't have a thigh pocket.

the ones I have look like these


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99% of the time I'm wearing some cheap pair of laminated waterproof shell pants, with cotton boxers underneath.

/i'm a warm dude.
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Originally Posted by Marmot mb View Post

LOL.....more cow bell.
Damn....those look like my old stretchies.

Oh....the question.

Arc'teryx Theta SK's.....unbeatable.
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Originally Posted by Deemo View Post
LOL.....more cow bell.
Damn....those look like my old stretchies.

Oh....the question.

Arc'teryx Theta SK's.....unbeatable.
They remind me of the ole stretchie days in fact, they fit looser than that, through the hips and thighs and then they flare out a bit for the cuff area.

They really are a good pant, comfortable, move with you, breath really well. In the 7 days I was never cold and our coldest day was about -18 C and the warmest just above 0C. I wear a pair of cycling Spandex Descente long tights underneath as insulation and alot of the time I was too warm.

Oh and yes the locals at 3 Valley were rather shocked from the noise of the cow bell.
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Udderly shocking.
Moooooooove on.
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