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waxed their skis today? C'mon, don't be bashful. I'm really getting stoked for the season. Almost stoked enough to go try to hike for some turns. Of course then I'd have to post the TR on TGR and be called all sorts of names whose definition I don't even know, so I better not do that.

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Not I, but I did re-glue my skins. and with the current forecast, i'll be back up by friday
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Friday I did some repairs to my hotbox, discovered the thermal safety on the heater burnt out, so it no worky for now.
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I turned on a ski video and threw ice chips in my face today---I'm jonesing!
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Did 2 pairs this morning.

Iteration #5 of base prep on a new pair and iteration #2 on a pair that had a grind 2 weeks ago.
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I cut the flash of my homebuilt skis tonight.

Base grind, sidewall bevel, sharpen and wax and they're good to go.
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