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Ulnar Nerve

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Has anyone had a ulnar nerve release, transposition and how long was it before you could ski? Its looking like I may be out for awhile...hope not!

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yes, and it sucks (as you probably know!) It was about 15 y/ago. yes, it will take a while depending on how they route the nerve and how you heal. You will need rehab and the nerve will be sore for a while. Make sure you discuss your skiing and leve of physical activity with your surgeon before to ensure he/she routes the nerve in a way that is secure and not exposed to future injury. Good luck!
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Four to eight weeks ought to be good, but check with the doc as Finndog suggested. I had mine done in mid-January and was skiing in late February. The joint was immobilized for a week and I started PT the day the splint came off. The good news was that the ulnar nerve pain was gone immediately and the only pain was from the incision, which was minor. Best of luck!
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