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Memorable Days From This Season?

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Howdy Folks,

Of all the days this past/current season which of them stick out in your mind? I'd like to hear what days you will remember for the rest of your lives? Which days were so epic that they will stick in your head forever?

Whether these adventures involved your first turn, or your latest cliff jump, please share them with the rest of us.

I have two things which I will remember. Item number one would be the Winter Olympics held here. I attended the Women's Combined, albeit the cheap way out. I bought a lift ticket and watched it from course side. To witness these girls fly by on the downhill was stunning. You could actually hear the sound of the wind breaking around them louder than their edges.

The second thing I will remember will be skiing a chute I had looked at for years. Finally I hit Snowbasin at the right time. I first went to Snowbasin in the late 80's, before all the recent development.

Back then I rode the old Middle Bowl lift. As I stepped off this old lift I looked at a chute which captivated my attention. A slice in the mountain topped with snow. This chute seemed to be guarded by a gnarled pine tree, sitting directly between the rock band splitting the precipice.

Every time I've been to Snowbasin this chute had eluded me. Even though the Strawberry Gondola accessed this terrain for the last couple years I was still denied. A terrible fate of snow and ropes had kept me from fulfilling a destiny I had given to myself long ago.

Finally this year I was able to ski this chute. I'm sure some Snowbasin patroller has a name for this chute, personally I don't care. I know it as "Lone Pine Chute."

Here is a picture of the chute as taken from the top of Middle Bowl Gondola...


We hiked up about ten feet from the Strawberry Gondola and traversed to the entrance of the chute. From the top it looked a bit easier, after a couple hop-turns it opened up into a wonderful bowl filled with styrofoam settled snow.

Here is a picture of me on the lower section, after it mellowed out a bit.


As a sidenote I also remember skiing Alta with 22 inches of fresh snow. Watching them pull the ropes to Greeley/Glory Hole in front of my eyes! Heh, this was only about a month ago.

Tell us what you remember!

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I'll recycle this greatest hit from December 4th, on the first of my three trips to Utah this season (and unfortunately, the only real powder day I experienced out west, while I nailed six knee-high powder days back east -- go figure):

While skiing yesterday at Alta in near white-out conditions, I jumped into the woods underneath the Supreme lift and was having a ball in my first real experience in ski magazine (thigh-deep) powder. But since I had never skied the mountain before and didn't know the topography, I ran into one of the many flat areas in the mid-section of the Albion side, and came to a complete stop about 75 yards from the nearest groomed trail.

Conventional wisdom told me to keep my skis on, use them as snow shoes, and slowly walk my way out. Didn't help. Finally, as a last resort, I clicked out of my Chubbs, and sunk down to my neck (I'm 5'11") in bottomless snow that was the exact consistancy of those tiny, round styrofoam packing pellets.

Although it wasn't exactly life-endangering (I was, after all, right under the lift), I was stuck. After 10 minutes of useless struggling, with people laughing and pointing at me below, a guy on the lift yelled "Dude! That happened to me yesterday! You gotta swim!" and made an Australian Crawl movement with his arms.

And it worked! Every 10 feet, I would pick up my my poles, then my skis, throw them forward and "swim" to them using my arms and legs on top of the snow... then start over. It was very slow going, but 15 minutes later, I was free.
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nice story BobMc...and NICE CHUTE!

Overall I didn't have the greatest season because the snow conditions weren't ideal.

Having said that i do remember one day in January this year.
We had had a couple of warm days in Soll, Austria (about 2 to 3C - don't ask me in Fahrenheit!), with mist and light rain and had decided that we needed some powder and colder temperatures to lift our spirits....

We decided to head off to the Hintertux Glacier to try our luck there....
Hintertux has a bit of a reputation in that area of Austria...when bad weather arrives it is NOT a pleasant experience: freezing temperatures, driving snow and raging winds (60 -70 km/h)can appear out of nowhere, forcing people off the top slopes and some times, the whole mountain.

This particular day in january was absolutely perfect though. I was trying out my new Crossmax 10s. The weather was beautiful, clear skies and no wind and the temperature was just below freezing....after the slushy snow of the past few days the 10 - 20 centimeters of snow on the back side of the mountain was heaven. We attacked terrain under the lifts, leaving fresh tracks wherever we went, moving on to the steep carving pistes to really goive my new skis a workout...THEY were awesome. They exert such a force as you come into the turn and then whip you round at great speed... great skis, great day.
We hardly even stopped for a break.
Occasionally we gazed into the valley and noticed clouds building up, but they seemed harmless.....

At about 4pm we decided to make our way down. We set off towards the run for the middle station and no sooner had we rounded the corner and reached the clouds, we were hit full force in the face by ice pellets and raging winds. The pain was shocking. I have been out in all weathers, I'm not a sun skiing-only gal at all but this took me completely by surprise. Visibility was down to zero and on a narrow valley path, that's bad news. I had no concept of up, down, left or right at all. As I rounded the final bend I hit an ice sheet and that was it....There was no stopping. Lack of snow, winds and sun had turned this section of the run into something resembling a frozen lake. I have been faced with steeper and more challenging terrain in the past but this plain scared me. Turning simply wasn't an option. All I could do was cling on in my boots. I remember seeing my friend in front. His stance was soo akward..he had his legs splayed arms out, trying to absorb any bumps and stop himself falling over...I remember laughing at how funny he looked, but it was one of those high pitched, nervous laughs...
When I got to the middle station I was shaking all over. Some people were standing around looking completely bewildered as if they couln't believe what happenened!

When we reached the gondola station we found out that the winds had forced almost a total closure of the mountians and the wait to get home was over an hour!!

My motto...never underestimate the power of the weather , particularly in bleak and inhospitable glacial areas!
There is a reason people call this place Hintersux!

It wasn't my greatest day skiing but it was the day that stood out for its greatest contrasts....pure pleasure and then sheer panic
Ahh skiing, don't we love it
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Best day so far, December 24, Park City. Skied with UTAH49 and his nieghbor, Tom (both much better skiers than me). Gorgeous day, even if a little on the "cool" side in the morning. Got shown around, saw parts of the mountain I hadn' t seen, including the top of McConkey's, from where you could look out at AltaBird. Got bumped in the bumps but learned a little. (Like, I need to ski bumps better.) After they left, I had a wide-open mountain pretty much to myself, it seemed. Worked stuff in the dry, almost chalky snow, soaked some sun, ran NASTAR. Great day all around.
Have a feeling next weekend at Mammoth with milesb, sunny skies, highs near 60, spring corn for the slicing, could be pretty decent, too.
A few great powder days, too, at Whistler and Sierrra-at-Tahoe. Would've been even greater were I a better powder skier.
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Wow, what a season it has been so far. I have two days left at my beloved Alta and this season is over.

I have quite a few memorible days from this season.

I took a Tuesday off from work and headed up the mountain for a day of the deep stuff. Most ski resorts had been closed in Utah due to an "epic" storm cycle that would not quit. Alta as well as many other of the canyon resorts had to close down Sunday afternoon and stayed closed through Monday. The roads into the Cottonwood Canyons were closed due to avalanches, and people could not leave their lodges. One of Alta's lodges, the Peruvian, was hit by a slide and tore off its fire escape stairs. Many windows were also broken.

The ski patrol worked very hard to get the mountain open on Tuesday, and when I got there, alone, I was not by myself in thinking of an incredible powder day! The line was huge, but I knew that the mountain would consume the massive amounts of skiers. Sounds of bomb blasts filled the air as the patrol prepared the mountain.

I got up top and skied hard. It was the epic day that had kept me from sleeping the prior night. The snow was deep, very deep, well over waist level, and great consistency. Soft, but heavy enough to cushion your cliff drops. That day the patrol opened almost the entire mountain. I was there when they dropped the ropes on Devil's Castle and got first tracks two runs in a row. First tracks all over the Wildcat area. First tracks on Backside, and Eagle's Nest. There was so much snow that day.

I'm not a big cliff jumper, but that day I was able to drop some cliffs that I had only dreamed of in my days up until that day, and probably that day only. Dropped some huge ones in the Castle, and under the Supreme lift. Something that I had been working on the currage for quite some time. Even got the one to the right of the Sugarloaf lift! It was my day!

With all said, I was there before the first chair went up, was skiing around 9:30 am, and didn't even go inside until 3:30 when I headed home! It was my dream day of skiing. Sure, I have skied deeper, sunnier, and longer days since moving to Utah, but this day was magical for me. The words above, even though I tried, do not tell of the day that I had. I'm smiling while I post this.

This year I learned what it is like to ski with a girl that loves skiing as much as I do. She is a great skier, and I have enjoyed many firsts on the snow with her. I was there when she skied her first chute, and her first day in the deep powder. Its nice hanging out in the lodge with a beer with somebody who you enjoy talking with that much, who loves the things that you do!

These days, combined with 548" of snow will be etched into my memory forever!
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Um, Yesterday! local's day at A Basin with a net buddy I'd never actually met in person. Sunshine, , loud music, silly antics, actual skiing, it had it all. Dogs in the hot tubs, even.
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Yeah ryan that was a fun Morning. I wish I had had more time to show you more of PCMR.Next time your in Utah we'll do it again.As for Tom he's retired.So that guy skis everyday.He skis with the enthusiasm and energy of a 12 year old who just discoved skiing.He's a great guy to ski with and Ryan so are you.
This was not my best season however there were a few days that stand out. The Monday Morning I skied in whiteout conditions knee deep to waist deep Powder.Then there was the day I skied Snowbird after not skiing there for a couple of years.I had forgotten just how magical That place can be.Of course any day at Alta is special.Then there was the day at Deer Valley with jamesdeluxe Mary, Harpo, Yednar and ruboob.conditions were less then perfect but the company was great and Yednar tought me a few new tricks.He's a good teacher and coach.
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April 7 Squaw Valley, Incredible spring day. Skied Headwall- Sunbowl? was incredible as were the runs directly under the lift. Headed over to the Funnel then down to Granite Chief for a couple of perfect spring snow runs before catching KT-22 at 1330 just as they opened Chute 75, West Face, Rock Garden, etc. Spent 2 1/2 hours picking off every chute between West Face and the KT-22 chair plus some nice runs under Oly Lady.

A few blowin' and snowin powder days at Slide Mt, NV (Mt Rose) One late Thursday afternoon in late Feb was incredible. Fresh tracks every chair ride from 2-4pm. Two good powder days at Alpine Meadows, both Sundays. One in the sunshine off of Lakeview Chair, Incrediblle boarding, another day where it was snowin' & blowin' at Alpine and the chutes off of Scott Chair were all mine. Race course had blocked the traditional entrances but I found a way in .

0830 - 1615-nonstop, on a board, at Sugarbowl. Powder followed by windblown-Incredible.

Many sunny days with my 6 year old daughter. I just love it when I see that ear to ear grin.
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April 7 at Hood Meadows was a standout! around 2 feet of light fresh! really light! at Hood! whodathunkit! Also first day out on the AK Launchers. Talk about your good timing! Jacks Woods and Half Moon all day long. Best of the year.

Mid February on a Saturday at Big Mountain. Met up with some very cool local folks and did hiking yoyo's for untracked on Windowpane and Baby's Butt. Not the best terrain of the year (Big Catwalk is more like it) but ... the folks we met and the newness of the lines and Too Slim and The Tail Draggers in the Bar that evening - heckuvaday!
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Did my first couple tours this year, that snice, blue sky, sweat and a good line down. I had watched one of those faces for 5 years and finally got the chance to ski it. Had a blue sky knee deep day on the zugspitze and rode with the redbull quest team. Nice guys and damn it feels good to keep up with pros. All the travel was cool too and we had powder at every stop. Stubai, andorra, norway and switzerland.
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In terms of Barking Leprechauns, the last 24 hours has been quite memorable. But that's maybe more information than most of you needed to know.

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New Years Day......Had to work hard...drove two early shuttles around Chamonix and a Geneva Transfer before lunch.....had an evening run to Geneva as well but in the afternoon I skied the Col du Plan on the Aig du midi....just me and my buddy...no one else skiing that day...

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Wow Tom, that does not suck at all.
nice one

[ April 27, 2002, 10:15 AM: Message edited by: Geoff' ]
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Early December at Mt Rose. First day of the year Slide side was open. Got 3rd chair up NW, boarders in front of me. Got the full effect. After not skiing a single day the year before due to ACL recon, that was special!
A few other good days at Rose in December. A great storm day on KT in Feb! A couple deep stormy Sundays at Sugar Bowl! A couple great days at Kirkwood too, 2nd chair up backside twice!
And last Friday 4/19 at Alta!!! They'd been closed all week due to late season schedule and reopened with 31" new & power dumping that day! Got 2nd chair up Sugarloaf and phenomenal runs in the Ballroom & all over Rustler! Enough to tide me over for 8 months.
Or at least til Alpine gets another foot this week!
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Great stuff Tom....
Well, today was one of those *Welcome Back* days for me....my first return visit..and Day ONE! for actually skiing Tuckerman Ravine @Mt.Wash, NH.
I really can't believe that it's been 33 years since my previous time in..., however it really
doesn't take much thought to reason it out, I simply didn't ski in my grade_school tHrU post-
college (as strange as it sounds).
A glorious day...bright sunshine, a little wind...some threat of avalanche, but
with the snowcover reduced to specific chutes..
it was pretty easy to keep an eye on the areas of potential slide origin danger.
The Vertigo G3s that I found a ultra-killer deal
on...definitely made the dancin' much easier.
It's days and locales like today's that are truly
*simply awesome*....Even with the crowd [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img]
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One Friday a couple of weeks ago, I got together with my old high school ski buddy. (We're moms in our mid-30s, now.) She just moved back from Texas a few months ago, and we've been dreaming about ditching our husbands and kids and taking a day to ourselves. We went to Copper, enjoyed nice warm temps and spring slush, and logged much more vertical than we can with either husbands (bless their hearts) or kids. [img]smile.gif[/img] I don't think we'd skied together since early college, which was almost 20 years ago.
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Hard too pick just one...
But the official 68cm dump, it was WAY more in places, in March was truly epic.
Then it was that day in WestCastle Mountain. They got 84 cm in 36h. When they opened day after, I was there.
To be honest.. All season was great in Fernie. Guess some of you guys got a piece of it as well, to bad I never got the chance to ski with you!
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A few moments stick out --

Spent a great week at Keystone with another family, but then broke free for a day at Vail with a buddy of mine. The sun was bright, the snow was soft, experiencing bowl skiing for the first time, amazed at the variety of terrain. Just an awesome place on an awesome day.

Time with my wife as we ski together and make breakthoughs in our ability to ski more of the mountain. And watching her hesitency dissolve as her skills improve. It really did seem like they reduced the pitch of some of those trails that were so formidable earlier in the season!

Watching my daughter on her skis, the excitement on her face as we prepare for a day on the slopes, her determination as she tries to beat me to the bottom, seeing the joy on her face as she guides me down the trails she took earlier with ski school. Trying to encourage me as I try the mogul runs for the first time with her ("cmon Dad, it's EASY").

All in all, a great second season for us!
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I've had a bunch of super days this season (mine's not over yet, I'll be at Snowbird tomorrow), but one stands out - March 15 at Jackson Hole.

I only skied about two hours and spent the entire time on groomed intermediate runs, but that's not what made it so special.

I was sixteen days post-op from a knee arthroscopy and the knee was feeling good, but that's not what made it so special.

What made it something I'll always remember is the man I was skiing with. A great friend that I've skied with for 25 years, he has been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. Unless a miracle occurs, that was the last time I'll ever ski with him.

We made quite a pair. Him overcoming pain and breathing, me babying a knee that shouldn't have been on the hill that early. We sure didn't tear up the hill, but those were some of the most fun turns I've ever made.

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That is a touching story - I wish your friend and his family well.

I had the best skiing of my life at Solitude on March 14 and March 17. There was about 25-30" new on the 14th and another 12" on the night of the 16th. Truly epic powder skiing. Got some early tracks in Honeycomb after they dropped the rope after a two day closure. Skied powder well over my knees if not up to my waist. Just floating down the mountain, through the trees, each time getting to the lift completely covered in snow.

I had a blast. Skied 'till my legs screamed and then kept going until they literally stopped working due to cramps. You could feel the exhilaration, satisfaction and joy in the bus on the way down the canyon after skiing - everyone was happy and feeling great.

Can't wait until next year!
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I too have to respond to your Memorable Day. As always from you, a fine piece of writing. I can think of no better affirmation for life than your excellent example. Thanks, and best wishes for your friend.
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Bill (and Jaws):

Thanks for the nice comments.

I sort of feel like I killed this thread with that post. I'm sure a lot of other people had truly memorable days and I enjoyed reading about them.

If the weather is good, Ruth and I are going to hike up Deseret Peak this Sunday and make some turns. That might turn out to be *very* memorable. [img]tongue.gif[/img]

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