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Help Picking New Boots

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So I think the first thing I'm going to pick up this year is a nice new pair of boots. I currently have a pair of Atomic Race:10 boots that are a little on the old side and in need of replacement. Can anyone recommend some race boots and places to get them fitted near or around Boston, MA (don't mind driving up to an hour or two away). I was looking at a pair of CS 130's but couldn't find anyplace that sold them (either in stores nearby or online/phone) let alone at a good price. Any tips on what to look for besides comfort? I'm a 130lbs 5'10", and one issue I've always had is the boot snugly fitting my leg (I'm a skinny person). Any help is appreciated.
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look for a good boot fitter, and let them to their job.

also we have a "ask the boot guys" forum too. Might be a good place to ask too.
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