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Hey Tog, or NYC Bears

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I'd love to have a cool NYC Fire Department hat and sweatshirt.

Would someone here mind scoring for me? I'll send you the $$.

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unless they are selling "special" hats and sweatshirts to raise money for the widows and relief effort I think trying to "score" either of these is in poor taste at this time. For anyone...

Just my opinion.

Send the money skip the "I would like"..
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Hey listen - butthead. That's what I'm trying to do!

I would imagine by purchasing hats and sweatshirts, I'm supporting the cause, wouldn't you?

You don't like the words I choose, that's on you. But don't go around putting me down for trying to help.

This is just like you to spoil something. What a jerk you are.
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If you had worded it such that your intent was to raise money for that cause, I would not have said anything even commended it. Is someone offering commerative or special fundraising shirts/hats? If so go for it and please let us know and we can also spread the word. Just purchasing their products usually does not raise money. In what work I have done at non profits usually the shirts/hats/uniforms are sold to volunteers or given to volunteers as thank you's and are at or below cost so purchasing them would be a drain or non effective as a fund raiser.

If my logic escaped you sorry.
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Tog is too busy working on the rescue mission to even be looking at this board, lately.
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As I understand it, there is some kind of official store in NYC. When you buy merchandise there, the money goes to victim assistance and to the police and fire departments.

I'm throwing away my Broncos hat and trying to replace it with a NYCFD hat. I'd also like a NYCFD sweatshirt to wear while skiing.
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I do not know where the FDNY Shirts can be purchased now, but I picked up 8 last Saturday in front of Bloomingdale's Dept. Store. 100% of the proceeds were going to the relief effort for the families. You may want to contact their customer service dept. to see if they are still available.

The words on the back of the shirts are so inspiring and, so true...

"All gave some...Some gave all"

Let me know if you have any luck!
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I'm not a real religeous person, but got to
tell you that I never feel closer to God than
when in the pines at the top of the mountain
on a clear, new-powder day..................
..........I wish, somehow, I could send that
wonderful, peaceful, hope inspiring feeling to the rescue workers and family members in New York.
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Way to go Sitzmark.

Hey, what kind of business are you in?
If you'd like, drop me a personal message and we could chat.
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"butthead" "jerk"?????? Children, play nice now.
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Money can't buy honor.
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Thanks for the clarification. Good luck with your hunt. Unfortunatly a lot of the reporting on the tragic events has gotten so overloading we tend to flip past it so we miss out on how people are trying to help. I have friends in a sister Church near the WTC so we have been sending our donations straight to the church. Because of this decision I/We have not really paying attention to all the "relief" efforts that are going on.

Again, Good luck.
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couple of places:

FDNY shirts have been available to the public for quite a few years - That's a decision they made. I'd have no problem wearing one to honor their sacrifices - I expect that there will be opportunities to purchase FDNY swag and support their survivor's fund.
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Okay, you're not a jerk or a butthead.
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I think showing support to the firefighters by wearing a hat and such is cool..

Either way, no hats here but a place to donate to the international association of fire fighters is:

That's direct from a friend whose brother was one of those brave firemen.

They also take donations at (for fraternal order of police):

(Also got the link from my friend)
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Sorry I did not have this information last time I posted, but here is the link where you can order these shirts online.

The donation is $20.00 per shirt, but you can certainly give more.

I find myself wanting to give anything I can...volunteer my time, money, blood, prayers, anything which might be helpful.
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I know there is an NYFD store near my office. I'll have to see if they have a website.
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Please leave some thoughts for Tog in my thread in International Affairs. thanks!
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Since you're near the city, man I'd love it if you'd do me a favor.

I want a hat that says "NYFD" on it. 1 for me and 1 for SCSA junior.

Then, I'd love a sweatshirt for skiing - XL. One with something on the front and back.

If you could hunt this stuff down, I'd be forever grateful. Whatever you find, make sure the money goes to where it should - not some hucksters.

If you're successful, send me a message using the "Private message" feature here.

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The store I was talking about actually has a web site. It is firezone.com so I think it would probably easier just to use the website.
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