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Oh no, more snow; CO this time.

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Looks like CO is going to get pelted all day today according to the georgetown forecast: http://www.skiloveland.com/themountain/reports/1.htm.

and keystone is turning whiter and whiter: http://keystone.snow.com/mediagaller...Resort&media=0, looks like December to me !

Hard to say when a storm will roll thru anywhere next, but i'd be putting those mountain bikes up. no turning back on this season now !

and breckenridge:

and icicles in mid-october(very nice):
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yes, we got "rained" on today - all day.

okay, okay - it's snow not rain. it's exciting to wake up to white instead of green but it's really warm out and the snow is just goopy warm weather glop. what we need is for some real cold weather to move in and stay put - then let it snow. this stuff is gonna be all gone with the next wave of indian summer

i'm not done cycling either
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you may be right enick, but Loveland seems pretty determined that their season is on with over a foot of snow and the temps are ranging between 28 and 50 for the next week.

i think that snow is going to stay, especially at that altitude. i'll bet anybody a loveland bumper sticker that snow is still covering the ground in the loveland basin on wed.


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I think you're gonna win that bet Cougar. It's the time of year when cycling and skiing happen in tandem.

Moab is gonna be 70s next week. That means 80s on the White Rim. Loveland has been blowing snow and the precip that happened is more than likely gonna stick around.

I love it...
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I got about 18" at my house in Breck (9750') by measuring it every few hours. It never got more than about 10" deep because it was melting fast from underneath. It should all melt today at my house. But with more forecast, north facing slopes and the higher elevations at Breck should retain some of it. (I'm also going to ride my road bike today. I got 50 miles in on Saturday just before the snow came in.)
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...and Loveland just announced that they're opening tomorrow....

Welcome to ski season.
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