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Red Lodge MT advice needed

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My wife will be working on a project in Billings through Jan. I will be able to fly for free from Eagle to Billings through the wifes job,and thought it might be fun to try Red Lodge Mountain on one of my trips up there.

Any predictions on snow during a LaNina season?

And how is the terrain/crowds etc? It looks like mostly cut tree runs on the online map, but hard to tell for sure

I have only skied Big Sky and Big Mountain in Montana, really liked both of these.

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It's definitely a "local" area. It's good for a day or two depending on the time of year. Unfortunately, I've only been there when my daughter had races there and it was never totally open any time I was there. Lots of flat terrain towards the bottom as I recall, but I think there is some stuff off the back that is uber black when it's open, but like I said much wasn't open the times I was there.

The road from the interstate to the town seems endless.

Anyone else have more info? I've found some old pictures (most of what I took that day were race pictures, so didn't find many.)
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Red Lodge is fondly called 'Rock Dodge' by my friends from Billings. I've been in Montana 7 winters and Red Lodge had one fantastic winter and 6 dire winters during that time. I've never skied Red Lodge but have heard it has some decent terrain. The town itself is fun with a fun collection of restaurants, shops and bars. Lodging is limited and expensive by Montana standards.

If this year ends up not being kind to Red Lodge you can do what many others from Billings do and drive over to Bridger Bowl (my home mountain) outside Bozeman. It takes about 30 to 45 minutes longer each way. Bozeman has much more lodging than Red Lodge so you can get some decent weekend packages.
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Thanks for the info

Thanks for the tip on Bridger-I did not realize it was that close from Billings
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I own a ski shop in Billings. If red lodge has snow i actually prefer it to Bridger, unfortunately, that hasnt been the case lately. the backside has some good steeps, everything at red lodge that is steep is fairly tight. No open bowls. Stop into Alpine High and we can give the low down. Thanks Tim
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