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Sunday River, Maine 2008

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Hi all,

Can anyone put me in contact with any ski equipment store in Sunday River. I am spending 10 days there in Jan/Feb and be good to know whats on offer. I will be able to save a packet buying gear in the states but need to know whats available near by.

Also be good to chat with someone about the resort itself and skiing on offer. I have only ever skied West Coast.


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Caught your post as I was on my way out the door. Will give you detail later if you want, but SR is very limited for gear. There are a couple of independent snowboard shops, but the "ski" shops are satellite shops of New Hampshire stores.

Sunday River Sports - next to slopes and owned/operated by Sunday River. During the ASC days, the stocking warehouse for all of ASC's shops was at the Bethel airport. Lots of inventory for "1st tier" manufacturers/ ski types at that point. Race gear for youth - no adult. I was just there for the fall festival and stock is virtually non-existent. A few early release products from Rossi and Volkl last spring. A few K2 and Atomic models still left from last season. Junior race equipment seemed to be stocked fairly well to supply the annual Gould Academy programs. Not sure what they will carry now that Boyne has taken ownership.

Jack Frost - next closest (long walk) and part of a chain out of New Hampshire. Good stock of most major brands - race gear for kids, some Fisher race gear for adults. Stock is limited when compared with a large shop. This is a specialty shop that has the SR customer pretty well pegged. Very personalized service - they talk with you and not at you (unless you really know nothing about ski equipment).

Great American Ski Rental - 2-3 miles from mountain. Rental gear. Ski clothing for sale.

Bob and Terry's - ~3 miles from mountain. Part of a discount chain out North Conway NH. Ski stock has been growing more marginal. Heavy focus on park/pipe now.

There are a couple of independent snowboard shops near the mountain if you have boarders in your group. Well stocked. Ride-On! is one.

Ski boots are best represented at SR Sports and Jack Frost. Good fitters at both, however, need to ask for specific people at SR sports. (Dave and Eric.)

SR is ripe for a better ski shop, but with a lot of transient weekend southern New England skiers who probably shop in metropolitan shops or the Internet, it appears to be difficult to keep a gear shop open at SR. From discussions and observation, it looks like the off mountain SR shops are just barely making it. That may change with the end of the ASC hardgoods supply chain. Clothing/rentals is the key business for G-American and B&T's.

Good luck!
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New Hampshire has no sales tax, Maiane has 5%, so if you have a vehicle and are passing thru NH, there are many good shops worth looking into.
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I 2nd davev's idea. There are a load of ski shops around Loon in NH all of which seem to carry gear from the last few seasons and I have found the prices to be somewhat negotiable. As an added bonus, you can drive by Mt Washington for some amazing views . Ski a day a Canon or Loon and head on back to the "Rivah"
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What's your plan for getting to SR from London, are you flying into Logan or Manchester? Renting a car or taking a bus to the mountain?

This might open up a few more options for good ski shops.
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