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Know of a store with Dalbello CRX Diablo's???

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Hi all:

I am trying to find a place to buy a pair of '01-'02 Dalbello CRX Diablo boots in Mondo size 28. I can't find anybody in the Vancouver or Seattle area that has them. So now I'll try the phone-order route. Anyone know where I can find a pair?

Thanks a lot.
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Call Dalbello and ask them. Here's their number: (800) 775-8100

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Call Dalbello and ask them. Cheers,<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

I called them, and they do not know. That's why I was hoping that someone here might know of a store that might happen to still have a pair.
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Too Steep

Maybe Jacques in Winter Park can help. He's a Dalbello guy. I copied his info from the list of bootfitters.

Bootfitter's Name: Jacques Thomas
Store Name: Le Ski Lab
Store Address: Winter Park, CO
Phone Number: 970-887-3085
Additional Comments:
SCSA: Jacques has been around Winter Park for at least 25 years. He's well known around the state as, "The guy in Winter Park". He only sells Dalbello boots with Zipfit liners. Why? Because Dalbello boots are infinitely adjustable and Zipfit liners and the best after market liner out there. Jacques has found a combination that works and that skiers love. He has hundreds (thousands?) of satisfied customers like myself who wouldn't trust their boots with anyone else. If you go see him, make sure you tell him I sent you.
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Of course I know who Jacques is. I have his boots.

My bad.
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Mountain Shop in Portland OR, I believe, has this model. I can get you the phone number if you'd like. Good luck!

Actually just give me a couple of minutes and I'll check right now.

They have the CRX, but not in your size.

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I was told by another shop guy up there not to go to Jacques for boot fitting as he'll want to sell me a Dalbello and the liners he uses tend to pack out quickly. Of course, he wanted me to get footbeds etc with him. I took it worth a grain of salt but...what's been your experience with his boots/fitting?
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Jacques is the man, no doubt about it. He only sells Dalbello with Zipfit liners. It's just because that's what he believes in and that's the combination that keeps customers "from coming back".

What I mean by that, as a bootfitter, you want to sell someone a setup and then never hear from them again until it's time to replace the setup. Jeez. The last thing you want are customers coming back every week for adjustments ("My toe hurts here, can you blow out the shell"?).

Here's my Jacques story. When I first started skiing again, I was in Tecnica Icon Carbon - you know, the most expensive boot on the planet and the one that Ski Magazine always raves about.

Well, 2 days into the boots, my shins were bloodied - really, I still have the scars.

So I go see Jacques. He put me in the Dalbello CRX shell with Leather, Zipfit liners. In a week, my shins had healed to the point where I wasn't in pain. A few weeks later, they were completely healed. My feet, have been ultra comfy (and warm) since.

I've never and would never ski on another shell. Now, I have the Diablo, which is just the CRX, but see through.

I now have going on 200 days in the liners he sold me - they're fine. I could probably get 200 more days out of them, but I won't. Zipfit has a new liner out I want to try for next year.

Jacques is a the man. And, he's been in business for 25+ years now. What does that tell you?

Oh. I forgot to mention Charlie, otherwise known as "Jacques junior". Charlie has been working with Jacques for a few years now and is also the man.

Hey. You need to show up and rip with us one of these days...

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I'll check in with Jacques when it is time for new boots. Thanks for your opinion.

I was just up in WP saturday night to sing happy birthday to my dad but not to ski. It looked a bit grim. Lots of dirt showing through in their neighborhood but the bumps may have been soft. There appeared to be noone on the slopes sunday morning as I drove by on my way back to Boulder. Though I picked up a hitch hilker and gave him a ride back up to the top of Berthoufd and he said he had found some soft new snow and it was snowiing up there. I think wp got 3 inches last night. I think my ski season is done though. I've traded it in for my road bike. Such sweet torture!

But yeah. I'll be around.

If Fox Hat makes it to WP next year we should try to gang up on him.
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Try Hoigaard's ski shop in Minnesota, they are a dealer 952-929-1351.
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