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Blizzard brand ski question

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I am new to this site and am trying to figure out if I bought a ski that may be too much ski for me. About myself I am 5'7" and 185lbs. This will be my 3rd season skiing and I do get to ski 2-3 weekends a month from Nov. to March. I think of my self as an intermediate skier. I stick to the blue runs mostly. I ski mostly in Colorado at Durango and Wolf Creek. Hopefully, Flagstaff, AZ will get good snow so I can ski a few times a week.

My current skis are K2 Apache X's 167cm 115/68/99 Radius 14M

I recently bought a pair of Blizzard Sigma 7.0's 177cm 108/70/90 Radius 20m

The Blizzards look like they were rarely used and for $100, I thought they were a good deal.

I am wondering if this ski is a good fit though.

So what do you all think of this situation?

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I'm not familiar with the Sigma though the shape looks a bit dated.

My concern for you at this stage in your learning/skiing is the much longer turn radius of them when compared with your Apaches.
You want to reinforce good turning habits and a straighter ski will be harder to get a turn out of and might encourage some unwanted rotary moves to get them to turn when you ask them to.
Why are you leaving the Apaches behind ? They seem to suit you well at your experience level.
I would get a ski with a 15 meter radius or lower and have an easier time learning your turns.

Good luck and welcome to Epic.
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Im not familiar with the sigmas but I switched from Head to Blizzard last year and my skiing improved so much I cannot say but positive things about Blizzard. Im only a local masters racer and ski instructor but Im using the Magnesium Racing skis and they rock. Im with GarryZ, you should be looking at short turn SL skis at 12m or cheaters GS skis or cross skis at about 15m and mount your bindings at BOF. Put my wife on 146cm short jr SL Fischer racing skis and she will never go back to the 17m jr GS skis I bought her 3y ago.
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SL IQ's might be a good option.
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Thanks for the info, I was thinking that these skis may have been a little too much ski for me. I'll keep my K2's, which I really enjoyed using last season. I'll try the sigmas out this season, but they'll probably end up stashed up in my attic somewhere.

Again, thanks for replying!
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