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Last width

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Is there a simple "last width to foot width" relationship?

Does last width = foot width?

I understand that foot width goes up 3 mm per US size, so if a size 8 has a last width of 98 mm, I would expect that to become 110mm at size 12.

Would a size 12 foot that is 110mm wide across the ball fit into a boot that claims it's built with a 98mm last? Should someone with a 115mm wide foot look elsewhere? Like at a 103 mm last?

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It is a good question and I admit I have never measured different sizes from the same model and manufacturer to see what the formula is and I can tell you it isn't bandied about by reps.

However, that said I work with people every day whose foot is wider than the shell. Fixing it is simply what I or anyone that is a respondent on this forum does. To say that the width corrections that can be made are limitless would obviously be misleading, but the changes made can be substantial. One - two width sizes no problem.

There is a reason it is called plastic. Wait, maybe there is a reason plastic deformation is called plastic. Anyway don't know which came first, but plastic is easily remolded.

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