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Originally Posted by ESki View Post
Nice one, boys. It was a good morning despite somewhat tough conditions.
We (abertsch, MrsStormday and myself) found some good stuff with ok snow on it at Kirkwood today. First thing this morning it was like SB on Friday.

We went to the backside just before noon and found some good snow in One Man Chute (Thunder saddle area) on the way back. I think this fire up abertsch and he played tour guide for us a bit.

abertsch suggested we go look at Chamoix. I’ve seen pictures of Chamoix in many a TGR TR, so I’m thinking it probably a no go with hard snow. So we pull up and abertsch think it is not good enough. But, I look at it and based on what I could see I think it might be good after the 1st turn. (Isn’t always about that 1st turn? ) So, I re-position to get better look. After a little talking about it. I started to think maybe I should not be so aggressive. (I still could not see the whole thing.) Mrs Stormday suddenly announced that she thinks it looks good. That’s it we are going. So, MrsStormday and I dropped down Chamoix on some firm but edgeable snow with a few soft piles.

In fact, the snow got better at Kirwood throughout the day. We finished up the day with a couple laps on Chair 10, some big bump on Sentinel and a beer on plaza. Not a bad day at all.
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thx for the beer abertsh, you paid up... .
and you got to do you neccesary computer work and see the tahoe domestic side, not to mention get some friendly cuddles from my little girls. although you didn't take those bindings out of my garage (free is tough to beat and it's good to have friends like stormday!)

so, as the snow is drying out again and the skiing improves from the, what did you say stormday, frozen granular, and my go to release move becomes more relaxive again, I've thought a little about the full extension that presented itself to me as such a good choice in those frozen ruts, crust and crap. E gave me grief about the extension move i was chosing, cirq wondered where the relax to release went in the oddness...

All i can say, i listen to the ski snow interaction and do what feels best to me and my skis. getting the hell out of the snow felt best there, so there you go. as i told E, it works, it feels good, that's why we have options.

Anyway, just thought i'd mention this. there doesn't need to be old school, new school in my book, i just look for the sensations that make me smile in what's presented to me.

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Originally Posted by Holiday View Post
(free is tough to beat and it's good to have friends like stormday!)
I have gotten lunch and beer so far.

Adam: Between work and the weather forecast, I'm not sure I'm going to make it to Alpine this weekend. I might hit SB (or maybe Alpine) on Friday.

PM or call me if you want to come up to Berkeley to pickup the bindings.
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Hop turns on rain crust...I can do old school

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I'm not stressing over bindings just yet. I'll be up at Alpine Fri-Mon for the holiday. If I see you, cool. If not I'll pick the bindings up next week or so. I just want to get them mounted before the next SB clinic in case I want to ride the pow boards again.

Necessary computer work = post on epic.

Things that make Wade smile on frozen crust day = Adam faceplant?

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ok, I'll throw the binding in truck for Friday.
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MrsStormDay will be joining us on Feb 8th.

Plus, we will be skiing at Alpine on the 9th and 10th.
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Originally Posted by StormDay View Post
Plus, we will be skiing at Alpine on the 9th and 10th.
Damn -- I'll be in patrol training, and won't be able to join you.
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MrsStormDay is all signed up for Feb 8th.

Are we going to have a full crew on the 8th?

AlpineDad: Hopefully we seen you at Alpine, but not need your services. What's AlpineMom up to?
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I am on sched to be there, barring any highway hijinks between SLT and Tahoe (I will be headed back to Cali either Wed or Thurs from The Gathering with Bklyn in tow, I believe).
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Unfortunately, alpinemom won't be going up that weekend, but girlie-girl will be in chili's expert care until 2:30, then hanging out and waiting for me to finish patrol training. It would be very easy for you to convince her to look after one or more Little Miss StormDays for a bit if you guys are platooning.
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I'm in for the 8th. I think I'm going to try rocking my other skis this time.

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So, i was just talking to Eric and I was going to be in the hotseat friday the 8th... but I have a RE client in town who is looking for a high end property. i'm afraid i have to take care of them to support my ski habit, so i'm probably out. Eric may be locating a guest coach for this wonderful group.Theres a few other AMSP around who he can draft to see what kind of trouble they can get you into and work on simliar ideas from a different coaches perspective (after all, skiings not rocket science, or computer science or enviromental science, right abertsch and cirq.)

Sorry for having to bag out. I hope you've all been enjoying our un....believable snow!

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Any news on Feb 8th yet?
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Any news?

Do we know what's up for Friday? Are we looking at a rain check or refund if we don't find an instructor rather shortly? If the clinic isn't going to happen I'd like to find out sooner rather than later so I can save my vacation time for the next one.

I'm at Alpine Sat/Sun most likely as well.

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Hey You Guys,

Sorry for the delayed response, have been working on a plan. Yes, still on for this Friday. Wade can do the morning and I got Lynn Kennon to do the afternoon with you guys. She is awesome. Great skier, all mountain ski pros savvy, psia level 3, photo/film experience, etc. Great girl, too. Hope this sounds good to all!

I'll be around but doing an all-day private. But maybe we can hook up for a run or two later in the day.

Please let me know if there are any problems. So, who is in, anybody have a final tally for Friday?

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MrsStormDay and I will be there.
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I'm in. Need to rescue my ski gear that was trapped at Alpine last weekend.

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We'll see you Friday morning! Abertsch, I'll try to remember to bring your niner hat.

I believe Dookey, Cirq, Abertsch, stormday and mrs. Stormday are still signed up. (anybody going to take a pool on what ski stormday's on? so many skis, so little time...)

I'll probably be having you do hard snow drills all morning again ... .
or not.

We should be able to find some more interesting terrain then last month...

Let's all meet by the fireplace in the Judah lodge, near the Sierra Vista Bar.

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Sweet! See you guys for a cup o' jo.

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Originally Posted by Holiday View Post
(anybody going to take a pool on what ski stormday's on? so many skis, so little time...)
:. Coming from someone who has had numerous skis in gear swap lately. Is there a commitment issue?
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Ha, Stormday, really nailed Wade Techno Holiday (which skis do I ride today?) right on his cryogenic cranium!!

Just kidding.... :-)

See you guys manana,
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Yep, I can't even reply to that, really, E and storm. be it cars, skis, rackets, I'm always looking... luckily for my wife (and me), I found the perfect life partner right off the bat!

As far the clinic day, well, it was just another day in paradise!
we missed Dookey and Cirquerider, but abertsh and mr. and mrs. stormday enjoyed the great wintery snow on quite a variety of steep pitches at sugar bowl today.
I don't know about them, but between sun, great terrain, wonderful people and some technical improvement, I had great day. Today reminded me of why i still make some time to teach this sport. Thx.

I hope your afternoon was good with Lyn.


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It was a fun afternoon with Lynn. A couple pairs of skis even spent some time off the snow. You guys will have to keep us updated about when she is in competitions.

We connected with Adam today at Alpine today for an interesting mix of really good cold winter snow and really good corn snow. That’s Alpine for you.

Plus, we got our 2 yr old out on skis for the 1st time today. Very big smile on her face.
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Sounds like a couple good days on the hill for the whole family! Nice one. Look forward to skiing with you guys in March.

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This weekend was great. The clinic on Friday was a real breakthrough day for me. I have a long ways to go, but definitely added a notch to my terrain belt. Good stuff. And two more days at Alpine which is always good. Skied with J. Stormday for the first time, and she really rips, too. Until next time!

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3 great days on the hill. Spent most of today skiing with our 5 yr old, who seems to have had her own breakthrough with using poles this weekend. (Credit goes to Alpine's Kids' Camp on that one.) Plus, the 4 of us skiing together for a little bit today.

I did manage to get a couple fun laps in Peter's Peril. Given the warm temps, I cannot believe how good the snow is staying in some places.

Adam - Fun skiing with you this weekend. We are really noticing the improvements each day.
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For the March clinic, I'd like to divert your attention to the gathering thread. http://forums.epicski.com/showthread...068#post859068

The idea is to get some variety into Eski and Holiday's skiing and get them on our home turf where we can finally have our way with them.
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Eric D is the one for the March clinic, but if it was a fun travel day with new bears, skiing w/ tyrone as well and doing some on site guiding of your home mountain (...following), I'd be in.

maybe we could key it down so the official capacity was just skiiing w/ friends. E would have to make that call w/ participants input.

Cirq, why don't you forward this idea to him by PM.

Is tyrone competing at the squaw comp tomorrow? I'm be out there skiing the wonderful winter chalk that somehow survived the 60 degree days...

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Looks like Lynn made it back for the Squaw camp:

Do you know what she was wearing? One of the skier's turns look like Lynn's turns in the qualifier video.

http://store.mobilerider.com/flash/p...nore_popup =1
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