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That license plate is still available?

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I had to run back to Ohio this past weekend to register an Isuzu Trooper I just bought.

I was thinking about getting some personalized plates and trying to decide what...
All the good stuff is usually either gone or verbotten.

I was thinking about getting one that said I CAN and sticking an "MRG, Ski it if you can" sticker above it.
Unfortunately, it was already gone.

I was just about to give up after trying to find something cool for about 10 minutes when I tried, just for Gits & Shiggles, putting I SKI MRG into the computer.

Well I'll be damned...
Nobody had them!

One of the benefits of registering in Ohio I guess.

Well, anyway...
They ain't available any more. <FONT size="1">

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I assume you sent your last car to its grave?
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Oh, that one is long gone...

I'm going to sell my Passat now, so I can buy a minivan for work and keep the trooper for off-road/bad weather and ski trip kinda stuff.

That trooper, I'll tell ya...It's noisy, but it sure is slow.
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Damn, and here I am halfway to Ohio to get my personalized plate and you had to go and do that. Well I'm just glad you shared with everyone.
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Ah yes, the Isuzu Tropper, lots of aggrevation and costly to maintain.The key to your future enjoyment of the vehicle, is finding someone or a dealership mechanic, well trained by Isuzu, who you can trust and won't rip you off.

Avoid any ethanol enhanced fuels, they will chew up the Oxengen Sensor, which is about $450-500 to repair. Ok don't fix it, and you will loose about 3 mpg, either way you get screwed.

Before each winter get all the hubs checked out, and if possible get them all repacked.

Front end get everything checked out at least after each winter, and before winter driving.

Off road, vehicle is fine straight ahead. Going ove challenging terrain,a jeep wrangler is better. Troppers are very very tippy, so watch your angels of decent and accent very carefully up steep grades. THEY WILL ROLL MORE EASILY THAN OTHERS !Track rather narrow when compared to vehicle center of gravity.

So that's all the crap about owning a Trooper, except, in the plus column, the styling is first rate, better than the Lexus 450/Land Cruiser, certainly better than any Land Rover, except the old ones that were so huge, and any US SUV.

Nothing beats the panache of the Hummer, but in a lot of ways impracticle.

Just remember that the Troopers really are misnamed. They need lots of TLC. It's like having a baby, not a warrior !
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I guess this is on-topic. Trooper, a MRG sticker, and a skiing vanity plate. My friend Dan has driven the same rusted-out Trooper for ages. It winters in the members lot at Squaw.
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