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Proper Elan EL-7 FWD pressure?

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Hello, hello, hello!

Could someone tell me how to set the FWD pressure setting for the EL-7 binding? Is the silver tab supposed to be FLUSH with the back of the housing, or should it be centered among the scribed metal lines?

Also, can the toe of the binding be remounted just 6 mm forward? I doubt that the heel has to move.

The old boot sole was 259, new boot sole is 268mm, when I eye-ball it, it looks like a 6mm fwd change is required to realign the boot sole mark and mark on the ski. The ski itself 125 cm. Does it matter on that small a ski?

Thanks in advance!

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I have no idea what this binding is, but since no one else is responding, I'll try to help out.
Is it a Fusion type binding?
I am tuning a pair of Mag 10s with Fusions and here's what I can tell you.
You open the plastic cover in the center of the ski.
This allows you access to the worm gear.
You flip the worm gear in the direction indicated by the arrow to release the worm gear. You set the bindings to the closest boot length as indicated on the binding. You rotate the worm gear to it's locked position and close the plastic cover. This locks the binding to the position you selected.
Insert the boot.
Look at the metal piece at the heal binding. Look at where it aligns with the plastic pieces on each side. If the plastic pieces align within the scribed lines area (it doesn't matter where) you are all set. If they don't try the fore and aft binding locations.
If these don't work, pm me and we can work from there.
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I think it's a lower DIN tyrolia. It's got a little silver tab at the back of the heel piece that allows the heel to slide back and forth on a track. When you push the boot down, the heel piece is pushed back and I think the silver tab is supposed to go flush with the heel piece, but I'm not sure.
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