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Ski Bumming

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I know what you're thinking not another thread on being a ski bum but I am thinking about heading west in the next year and though i'd get some advice from some who have done it before.

I am a graduate student and will prob finish up next December. Is that too late to try to move out west and try to establish a job/place to stay?? Or should I just work for a up then head out the following fall

Places I am considering Pros and Cons from what I have determined.

Frisco/Dillon/Summit County:
Cheap season pass to breck,keystone,abasin, lots of resorts close by, work possibilites seem pretty good
Cons: hmmm sounds pretty good to me

Salt Lake City:
Pros: probably some of the best powder around, lots of ski resorts close by, could work in SLC
Cons: morman atmosphere, expensive season pass, no night life,

Jackson Hole or Driggs:

Pros: incredible powder/steeps, nightlife

Cons: expensive, expensive, expensive season pass, limited to 1 or 2 resorts

Mabye montana or CA but i'm not very familiar with them

If I had to leave tomorrow i'd probably go with summit county just b/c of the cheap season pass and variety of skiing.

I was thinking of trying to work at a reasturant/bar or something at night so I could maximize my skiing and take some saved up money to compensate for only working at night.

Is it best to go out during november to try and secure a job or will it be so slow during this time that it will be hard to make any money??

Any first hand expereince or help would be much appreciated

Sorry for the long post

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If you wait, you may never do it.

GO NOW! You can work later. It will be there.

I said I would work a bit and save up. I never made it out. Here we are, 12 years later, wondering what could have been.
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Go Wolfpack, if I read your moniker correctly.

Having learned to ski at Beech Mountain, I feel your pain. I left many years ago. Nothing beats fresh deep fluffy powder. No regrets leaving, ever.

Besides Summit County, you should check out the Aspen Area too. Either place you are going to need roomies, they can make Aspen more affordable than you might think possible. Check out the employment section of the website. They give housing ideas/contacts. They do exist. I saw Kiwis, Aussie's, and New Zealander's fly in and find employment and housing within two days at the end of November last year. Most employers offer a free season pass with employment there.

I wouldn't worry about trying to find ski related employment during Nov or Dec. These are the prime times to find seasonal employment in the state. I think everyone is having employment fairs right now. They always have a second round if business is good and they need more employees. Spring and Fall are the slow periods.

Live the dream.
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XX you are the first person to get the bigbadwulf thing....I am a die hard NCSU fan...I grew up close to raleigh and did my undergrad there. I am currently working on a masters at Virginia Tech but once I finish i'm going to head west for a while before getting a job. I know once I get a real job I will never do it. Problem is once I move out there...I probably won't want to come back to a real job.

My family thinks i'm nutz but the idea of being able to ski 4 or 5 days a week or as much as my knees can stand every week for a season sounds amazing. No hw, no nagging advisors, no tests just skiing and working some mindless job to make enough cash to help pay the rent/food.

I grew up skiing at Wintergreen.
Thx for the advice

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I'd also be interested in hearing any advice anybody has from their adventures. I am graduating in May and debating whether to go ski bum for a year or get a real job. I would also probally head out to Summit County if I decide to go out there for a year.
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Summit County is a good choice, so are the others.

As for Summit, depending on your degree you have a chance of eventually getting a very good paying job with Vail Associates.

Don't worry so much about passes, especially at the more remote places like Jackson, Montana, etc. There are tons of jobs available that receive a pass with the job. Take for instance my friends in Steamboat. She's a nurse at the local hospital, free pass for her. He works at Breeze Ski rental in the winter for a pass.

I myself wouldn't consider the Utah area for the same reasons as you, nightlife and most importantly, if you're not a Mormon you can be seriously discriminated against in the job and housing markets.
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Don't forget to use the search function and check out the responses to the 885 other people who asked this same question on Epic and Powder.
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Originally posted by jamesdeluxe:
Don't forget to use the search function and check out the responses to the 885 other people who asked this same question on Epic and Powder.
Go now silly, you might be dead or worse next year.
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The stars are in alignment for you.

1) There is an active NCSU Alumni Assoc Chapter here. We watch football games on Sat's at LoDo's in Denver. You can find more info at the NCSU website.

2) Who says you can't get a "real job" in Colorado? I'm a life scientist by weekday/night and a certified snowboard instructor by weekend. On my off weekends I get free lift tickets for my personal use to most ski resorts in the state. (Sorry guys, they are non-transferable). I get my cake and eat it too. I get paid to go snowboarding, you can too.

3) I'm guessing as an NCSU grad and now in grad school, you are either a) an engineer, b) life scientist, c) computer specialist. With a little hustle, you should be able to land something here with a or b.

4) I'm guessing you aren't attached. This makes it easier to move out here. It was tough saying goodbye to the boyfriend but he absolutely refused to want to learn to ski or snowboard. I hated skiing/riding by myself. You are more likely to find someone who shares your passion out here.

Do it now or you never will. Well, wait till you get outta grad school first.
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Summit County is the capital of faux ski bumming. Anything worth doing is worth doing all the way. If you plan on a year of skiing hard, go to a place that allows you do exactly that. And I don't mean Vail/Breck/Copper

[ November 13, 2003, 04:27 AM: Message edited by: BSR ]
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BSR are you saying go somewhere other than Summit County?? Any suggestions would be appreciated. I'd really love to go to UTAH but i'd have to end up workin
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The best thing about Utah (besides 500 inches of powder) is that the best ski resorts are within 30 minutes of SLC. You should get a pass to Alta/Snowbird, or maybe Brighton because season passes cost about the same regardless of where you go. And contrary to popular belief Utah does have a nightlife the problem visitors have is that most of the clubs are members only, but if you stay for a while that shouldn’t be a problem.
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I went through the same thing last year. I had been talking for about 5 yrs about taking some time off and skiing. Last spring my wife told me to decide once and for all.

I’ve skied in summit county, SLC (Alta), Banff, Fernie, among others. I finally decided on two months in Jackson Hole. I’ve never skied there, but it’s always been a dream of mine. As much as I liked places like Alta and Fernie, I couldn’t pass up Jackson.

I’ll let you know how it goes. I’ll be there for Feb & Mar of 2004. The way I look at it is that there are no bad choices. They all beat Wintergreen and Snowshoe.
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That is the truth...anything beats wintergreen/shoeshoe. I've skied utah, colorado, JH and we are going to Europe over christams. You will love can ski it as steep as you can imagine there. Only reason I would not really want to go live there for a season is I am a mogul fan. I love powder and big mtn skiing but I skied jackson for a week and did not get a chance to ski 1 good bump run. I guess its b/c all the great skiiers are in the powder and steep chutes.

I'm sure you'll have a blast....try skiing Grand Targhee some....I liked it just as good or better than JH.

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