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Happy Birthday hrstrat57

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Here's wishing for a great year for you, and for you to DEFINITELY go skiing out West - finally!

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Have a nice day. Savor another year.
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Happy Bday hrstrat57! Hope you have a great birthday, a great year and, best of all, a fantastic ski season!!!!
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Paul, it would be great to have you ski, or play the strat in the West!
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Hey, thanks folks!!
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A belated happy birthday from just up the road!
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I never miss birthdays. How did I miss this one!

Hope your day was spectacular!
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Happy belated birthday, hrstrat57! Did someone say you're going west to bag some turns this season? There are a few with your name on 'em if you venture into my neighborhood.
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DOH! Well that would make me even later to the party, but I remembered to bring a cake:

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Happy B-Day!

Make sure and look me up when you get close to Targhee.

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