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Salomon SPK Boots

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I'm pretty sure I'm blind but I've been looking over the internet for the past hour.

Are the Salomon SPK boots, ONLY DESIGNED for the park, or do they work out well in other places, I really like the idea of less straps and I just don't have the money to fork out from Krypton Moro's that I would really want.

Thanks for any info
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med to wide last, soft, is how they fit. if that is what fits YOU then they can be a great boot. (for park, pipe, all mnt use etc)

the lack of buckles will not allow as much adjustment with controlling the pressure around the foot. If you don't need that because the boots fit you, or you don't care, they can be great.

Are doing up your buckles that difficult? Some of the mid entry boots might help more then the SPK.

Also we have a "ask the boot guys" forum too. Might get more answers over on that one?
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I use mine for teaching and keep them on in between lessons and ride them all over.
Their intended purpose is as a park and pipe boot but the very wide fit and comfort makes them work for my needs. They are very light as boots go and this is one of the features I like the most about them.

You can get them to crank down a bit but I most often ski them with the liner loose. When I get more serious I tighten them .and pull up the laces on the liner
They are comfy but the foot to ski feel is numbed down because of all the padding. The padding and stomp pad in the heel does make landings softer and the rear and front cushioning help off balance recoveries become less painful to the shins or lower calf.
They serve a purpose for me and many people use them as an all mountain boot.But like I said i bought them for all day comfort and for climbing up the hill recovering the carnage of the ongoing lesson.
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