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WTB: Volkl AC4 or AC40

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Looking for last year's AC4 or even this year's AC40 in a 177cm.

I'm Located in Vancouver BC but am willing to ship or even drive a fair distance for pick-up.

Let me know what you guys have!


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Ok then...

What is the best deal anyone has seen on AC40's? $850 is the lowest I've seen... any lower?

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It's called MAP (minimum advertised price) a retailer cannot advertise lower until about mid Feb. So do not expect to see it advertised cheaper. On that note, there is nothing legally binding to keep a shop from selling them under MAP. If you are buying ots of stuff, sy three pairs plus mounts Etc, you might get it lower. If it's a bad snow year, shops will deal after Xmas/ MLK. Last year some shops advertised what lines they carried, and offered to respond to emails with prices. This is another way around MAP. I know of a shop selling AC4s below MAP, but they want you to come in, they are not going to ship it, and have you spend mounting and other $ elsewhere.
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Contact "PTEX 1"...nice guy...shop...and knowledgble..with a good price on these...fyi. I am getting a pair from him. Will ship as well.
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