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Transition from "Junior" to adult skis

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My daughter,15, is finishing up her first season on her high school girls' alpine team, she is 5'-3" and weighs 120. Her team meets are mostly slaloms, and she has been on K2 Merlin VI juniors in 158 cm length with Marker M9.1 racing junior bindings.

My feeling is that she is at the high end of the DIN range for tose bindings and have picked up a pair of adult M9.1 SC's (from ebay) and also I'm wondering if a.) maybe she should have a more slalom-specific skis for next season, and b.) maybe she shoould start using adult skis even though even though only a few come in the 160 length range.

Has anyone gone through a similar phase or have an opinion to share? She is an awesome skier (in the Warren Witherell natural carve style) but not an experienced racer and races only so she can ski alot. She is much more into free skiing and I figured the K2's would still be a good ski for that. Eastern groomed trails mostly with some out of bounds (only with me along!)

Probably sounds like we're big spenders but actually we're on a tight budget and I have to consider $ when deciding what to do
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No answers but interested in answer as i'm facing the same problem not right away but soon. Right now she's 11, 5ft, 95 lbs on 150s and doing fine with them though if she takes up racing more seriously next year will have to replace current skis even if still 150s. Don't owe us anything as used for two seasons and were used to begin with. Lots of poor mans stone grinds - sandpaper base jobs.

So any opinions on when to switch from junior to adult skis would be of help.

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I know this post is a bit late, but better late than never. I also have a 11yr old daughter who's on the verge of going from junior gear into adult gear. One ski to consider is the Rossi T-Power Cobra, which comes in very short lengths (down to 140cm) and still soft flexing enough for a under 100 lb kid.
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Hmmm. Not to contradict my anorexia post, but do we really want a 5'3 15 year old female to reach 140lbs?
I would hardly consider myself skinny, but at 5'4 in my 40s, I weigh somewhat less than that. My skis are Volkl 163cm.

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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Gellgnite- Get your daughter some twin tips if she is into freeskiing, and if she doesn't want to race get her out of it. I am also 15, 5'3, 120 lbs and I have Volkl V's. They are good at carving if your into that kinda thing so they would be fine for east coasters. They are also good in moguls and pow. I have them in 168, but they also make 158. If she doesn't want to race anymore and just wants to have fun hitting jumps and messing around get Salomon 1080's in 161 or Dynastar Concepts in 165. Since you said she was good though, I'd get V's because they will really perform everywhere and are impossible to break.

As for the adult/junior thing, it doesn't matter for most skis. For example, the Volkl V's I was talking about is considered adult in it's 168 and above sizes, and junior in it's 158 and below even though it's the same ski just different lengths. The Salomon 1080 is "adult" in 161 and above and "junior" in 155 and below, but it's the same ski. I think ski companies just do it to appeal to more audiences and sell more skis. Don't worry about what the company calls that particular length of ski, just talk to your kid about what she wants to ski and what kinda skis she wants for it, then go and pick a length of the ski you want ( I'd say 155-165 for her ht/wt/age.) And if you are trying to lean towards a racing ski and push her into the racing thing, keep in mind twin tips are about $300 cheaper than racing skis.

Oh yah, and if your daughter is hot, have her call me.

"I can drink a whole Hennessey fifth. Some call it a problem, I call it a gift" -Xzibit
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The Rossi T-Power Cobra is a very popular junior racer's ski around here. Did the gates on a junior race 12-15 and saw alot of pairs on the 14-15 years olds. Actually he posted that his daughter is 5'3" 120lbs not 140. Can't see a problem with that.
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Well Gellgnite-boy,

Have you had a discussion with her high school coach? Have you talked with other skiers and skier's parents on the team ? They could potentially be a great souces of information.

Also has your daughter stopped growing ? If not a visit to the pediatrician could be useful in predicitng her utilimate height, and then you could get help to determine an ideal body composition and weight. A 140 lbs on a 5'3" frame is a bit much, so I strongly agree with Lisamarie here.

Only exception might be a world class downhiller or Super G athlete[ eg. Picaboo Street ] that was mostly muscle.Muscle weighs more than fat due to its density. Unless she is going to be a serious contender for the junior Olympics, I would have her watch her weight and percentage of body fat. You may want to consider a sports medicne specialist to help you answeer these questions, due to the many variables that exist in us all.

Bottomline, all this thread can do is provide you some guidance and direction. Any answers that you think you may find here still have to be verified with a professional. There is no substitute for that.
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