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Anyone skiing Raichle F-One Race boots?

I have my eye on a run out pair for $300 (inc thermoflex liner).

I am not after a super stiff boot but rather a progressive flex with good lateral support and a "bottom of the foot" prescision feel.

Can anyone comment on how these boots ski.

I am 5'10" and about 180lbs strong all mountain skier that teaches all week.

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you can get the pro-T for like $155 u.s. that's very cheap. i've skied the shell and you'd better have narrow feet.
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used to ski Raichle Flexon's . also used to replace the tounges each season as they broke down. If you have a Raichle foot and you want a bit more boot, try the Lange L-10 (not the race, but the race fit) I shifted to that and like it a lot. I'm in the pow and the steeps and trees, on Salomon X-scream series 187cm. 6' and 200 lbs. It took a bit to get used to the extra stiffnesss but I've grown to like it. Oddly enough, my whole body is a bit quieter now. less up'n' down
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Oz, what size are you looking for?
I know a shop which has a pair left, and I'm sure I could get the price to around $250US, plus shipping (which would mean me carrying them out to you, so probably around another $800 on top, but you get the idea!)

Seriously, if you are looking for the F1 cheap, and this guy has the right size, I could find out shipping costs, and see what he would do for you.

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They sell the Fone in Canada for about 260.00cdn. The Lange L10, two years old, is 99.00 bucks. Tried the F one and though it was rather shoddy in its features and manufacturing.
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Ah it pays to ask.

Thanks r for the web price. It turns out the local dealer listed on the web site is the one I am dealing with. Excellent boot fitter BUT I will now have to ask why according to the Raichle web site the boots are $155 and his price is $250 + Thermoflex liner.

I was on Flexon comps with foamed liners for most of the eighties, spray on plastic, so I have a Raichle foot. The current Flexons feel just tooooo soft though.

The word is that the Raichle F one boots will have the Kniessel name next season so the run out price may be a bargain happening and I really need some new boots.

Cheers all thanks for the replys ... happy skiing.

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If the Flexon is too soft you might try their WC racing tongues if you can locate a pair.
Raichle has two stiffnesses that they broadly market. However the third World Cup tongue can be found at some retailers.

I purchaced mine in Japan. If you are interested I can dig up the name of the shop I bought them from. Raichle Flexon's are laterally very stiff so if it is the forward flex that you are trying to stiffen up the WC tongues might be a way to go.

I'm 5'11" 185lbs.
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you can order the stiff tongue directly from Raichle on their web site- I think it's only about $60.00.
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The ones on the website are the stiff but not the super-stiff WC tongues. Stiff in Flexon- speak is what would be considered a medium flex in most conventional boots. Even the WC tongues are not all that stiff.

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