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Ski Bumming

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Just finished taping the critically acclaimed film "Ski Bums" by the National Film Board. Has anyone else seen this film? Aside from the ones here that do/are ski bums, what prevents the rest of us from living that dream/lifestyle? When does what we have/own become a non-factor in selling it all and running away to live in a ski resort for a season/the rest of our lives?
I'm at a crossroad of my life were my wife is telling me to go out West for the season to get this out of my system. I guess for me the fear would be that I won't want to come back, or that this one season would finacally ruin me. Any thoughts?? : :
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It looks to me like your life is in the shitter.

You appear to be penniless and your wife is on the verge of throwing you out. It's obvious how pathetic your life is because you're posting here.

In front of god (HH) and everybody (gang members and leaders), you're thinking of getting a job as a liftie - or some other, low-life occupation.

My advise to you is leave your wife and go hook up with Bonni - she needs a hug right now.

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I have to say that I'm not a ski bum in any way shape or form.You will find that most of the people posting here from ski towns are far from ski bums. It took me a few years but with some planning and luck i made the jump from living The suburban life to a life that at one time was just a dream. When your young and your only responsabilty is to yourself is time for Bumming. If you do some homework and planning You can make a life change. Whats important in your life what can you live without? My wife and I came to the conclusion that we spent a lot of money in an attempt to make ourselves happy. I make far less money here then I did in Southern Calif. Our life here is by far better then the life we had there. We work hard and play hard we enjoy the slower pace of life. A new pair of skis and I'm a happy man. Heck thats a lot cheaper then buying a new lexus to make me happy.
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Just cause you lost the poll on who's the biggest jerk here SCSA, don't be slipping above your station in life by trying to hurt anyone's feelings(again). Now I voted for you. Just out of hatered. Just accept the fact that your not the biggest turd in the bowl. Keep working at it. Just like your skiing. And to you I say see you in Utah.
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I had no intention of having this turn into a flame war; but if that is what you want, then that is what you get. As for as being penniless, between my occupation as a machinist, and the wife's as an ambulance dispatcher, we're doing fine thank you.
It is unforunate that you have been so severely burned by the women in your past that the idea that my wife would let me embark on an adventure such as this because that she loves and trusts me to set me free to live a dream, even for one season is beyond you.. I remember a post not that long ago from you that included the lyrics by a song by REO Speedwagon. Sorry for your luck dude.
To get a job that would maximize my skills would be the tops; but in my past are many years shaking pans and putting out pretty plates. So it is not like I would be going to help your sorry ass into a chair. Just because someone works as a liftie, ski instructor, ski patrol or even just as a janitor, it doesn't make them a low life. Are you saying that some of the Barking Bears are low lifes?
To include Bonni in your flame just shows that you are out to piss people off. I guess that the more Bears that you have battling with you, the happier you are, so sad.
Unless you feel that you have to reply to my rebuttal.......we are through here.

From Mrs. Artimus:
It saddens me to hear the negativity in your posting. It's pretty sad that someone that I have never met or talked to would assume that my life or my marriage is so bad that my husband should leave me or that I would leave him. There is such a think as a good marriage where two people are equals, trust each other and love each other enough to let them live out their dreams. I'm also sadden to hear you call a liftie a low life. A low life is someone who cuts other people down to make themselves feel better. Not someone who works long hours in the cold weather to ensure your safety while you're enjoying yourself on a slopes. It sounds more like envy to him. Maybe it's time you take a good look at yourself and see if you are truly happy with your life before you dis about the dreams of others.....
Mrs Artimus

The desire to run out there without a plan of action is strong, but not that strong. I'm in the process of finding a job that will maximize the skills that I have, including photography. What could I do without....smog, ratrace, nothing to see on the horizon. There is a long range plan in the works for the next 2 yrs that involves moving to Calgary. I've had a love of the mountains for as long as I can remember, and my wife was born and raised in New Hampshire. So as you can see that we are in the wrong province. It is just that the draw and allure is that strong at this time.....could just be a summer thing. As for the Lexus we could'nt afford it in the first place.
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Artimus - Seems to me a machinist's skills should work in a setting where so much depends on smoothly running equipment. Now whether or not a large resort like Lake Louise has it's own machine shop would be a different question. Can't help you on that one, but I'm sure if you ask the question, they'll respond.

I'd say, give it a go. Obviously, using your skills in the industry would be the ultimate season, but if you're willing to do what it takes, there's no time like the present. No sense having regrets several years down the road. I'm planning my ski bumming year 10 years down the road, when the kids are through university.

It also gives you a chance to scout out Calgary, and the job market out here for machinists. I've got a few clients in the oil patch, and they're looking forward to a good season, so it may be just the right time to come out for a look.

Edit: Hope this link works, they're looking for a machinist right now. Good luck, if you apply!!

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Have already submitted a resume for that job and am in a holding pattern waiting for a reply. Have thought about just showing up in Calgary to search for work, but am more into the SURE thing. Am keeping my fingers crossed on the Lake position though......
Its nice to see that some see the true meaning of what I wish to do......... [img]smile.gif[/img]

edits: trying to correct drunken fingers.....

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artie baby,

We're (I'm_ just havin a little fun here - at your expense.

Jeez. Loosen up.

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I've been one of the boys harshest critics, however, I even realized SCSA was kidding.

Go out west to ski? Are you talking US or Canada? I think the days of ski bums are gone. The closest thing I know are folks who wait tables at night and most of them are netting a grand a week! I'd hardly call that a bum and that's a great deal more than most ski instructors make a week.

I have a friend who graduated from CU last spring and just moved to Aspen today. She moved into a three bedroom apartment with two others for $1200 a month. She says the place is nice. She'll waitress at night and ski all day. Her parents want her to "get a job".

I think she has the right idea!
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SCSA- Bite me.
You didn't offend me. And I don't need a hug. Jeez.


Go for it. Have an adventure. Get the reality of it and lose the fantasy. We only regret what we failed to do. Some of the best things in life are done off the cuff, with little or no planning. Test your mettle, and see what you can do. You'll be surprised, have many memories for your December years, and if it gets too hot to handle, bail and go home.

If you're successful, grab the family and head out. Whee!!
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If you were out just to got my goat; job well done, but on the other hand if you are going to grab the bull by the horns, be sure to have a good grip as you don't want to get stuck.
I'm talking western Canada. In London where finer dining has become a standard I agree with what you are saying about wait-staff. I remember reading a article in the paper about people that are getting into the service industry as a career, and not just an in-between job. Is there money to be made? I can remember a time where I was weorking in a bar slinging drinks, and if I wasn't walking out with $100+ in tips for a 4 hr shift, I had a BAD night.
You tell him hon, cause if enough people tell him where its at maybe he'll see the light.
It feels like one of those things that if I don't do now, I know that I will regret for the reast of my life. I guess that knowing that my wife would keep things balanced at home if I went out for the season makes the choice that much harder. After living the life of a rebel most of my life, and then settling down in my "middle-aged" years, I find it hard to go back to my old ways. I've heard that feeling uncomfortable is when we grow the most and see the real truth.

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Hows about Sparwood? About 30 minutes from Fernie and fairly cheap housing. Coal is doing OK these days.
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I lost you on the coal reference, would you care to expand?....Will do a web search on jobs and housing.....thanx

Edit: Just returned from Fording Coal....I gotcha now. Will bookmark and submit in the near future. Thanx

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art ...

Do first ... details latter; this is the only way to make dreams happen. Ski bumming is a term that has nothing to do with how much money one does or does not make. I am a ski bum in many people’s eyes. It worried me for a while but I saw the light and recognized the con going down. My first ski job was cleaning toilets on the mountain. I had a blast, skied all day long, made good money and best of all learnt to ski & drink with the locals. SCSA is a pretty good ski bum as well. He has a job that gives him flexibility, enthuses people to join him skiing, knows heaps of people for good graft and is a happy camper that speaks his mind (no matter how weird it works sometimes [img]smile.gif[/img] )

One life … make it a happy one.

SCSA forgot the at the end of his post is all. By your reaction I think you better head to the mountains soooooonn!!!!

You are a lucky man to have such a loving relationship that lets you explore your dreams.

JUST GO or you will never KNOW!

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Leave your comfort zone.
Take a risk. You have support.

I took a risk when I moved to I made friends I never would have met had I decided not to take a chance. I take too many risks, though, but sometimes they pay off huge.

When I leave here for my next home nearer the MOUNTAINS, I'll meet new friends and make new memories. It's all good.

You dared to dream.
Now go get it.
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If there is one thing that I can say about my fellow Bears is that for the most part you are all supportive. I just got off of the phone with Mrs. Artimus, and she asked me again when I was leaving. Having this much support from the home office just makes it hard to pack-up and go, and that much harder to stay here and wait to see what develops. All that I can say is that I'm one really luck Bear.
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Wow! this is the second time on this forum I've had the chance to dedicate this song to someone:


Another turning point a fork stuck in the road.
Time grabs you by the wrist directs you where to go.
So make the best of this test and dont ask why.
It's not a question but a lesson learned in time.

It's something unpredictable but in the end is right.
I hope you have the time of you life.

So take the photographs and still frames in your mind.
Hang it on a shelf in good health and good time.
Tattoos and memories and dead skin on trial.
For what its worth it was worth all the while.

It's something unpredictable but in the end is right.
I hope you have the time of your life.

Need I say more? [img]smile.gif[/img]

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Should have expanded more but Sparwood is only industrial centre that is doing well these days.
Cranbrook- still in the dumps
Kimberly - mine is closed now
Nelson - tourist town with soft wood in dumps
Golden- same old softwood story

Actually moved out from Ont 2 years ago, me for skiing and had been in Ont too long, wife to be closer to family. Saw no hope in any of the above for me or my wife so Calgary was best option.
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I agree about Ont not the place to be. To live in a resort town would be the ultimate, but not the most realistic. Have, and continue to look at Calgary as the city to be in. What is the cost of living like there? Is it comparable to London, or more like Toronto?
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Comparisons- We moved from Hamilton. At the time housing about the same but has been going up fairly steady since so ~ Burlington range for 20 minutes from downtown. City taxes about 60% of what they were in Hamilton and of course no PST.
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First I must admit, that I didn't read through this entire thread, due to the beginnings of a flame war.

Secondly, where did you get your copy of "Ski Bums" from? I saw it at the Sundance Film Festival this year and really enjoyed it. Something about a porn star riding a giro through a ski town naked really cracked me up. A great flick!

I am not a "true" ski bum. I moved to Utah from the midwest under the assumption of a job. I was laid off 7 months later. I have since landed another "job" and am doing fine, however, I don't live in Utah for the job, its for the outdoors. I amke a 50% less than my counter parts on the East Coast. What I'm getting at, is if you don't want to truly be a "bum" you can get a job. Look at a town like Denver, Salt Lake, or any of the other big mountain towns. I get in 40-55 ski days in a year now, small by comparison to instructors, patrol and "ski bums", but I dont eat Spam for dinner either.

If you want to be a "ski bum" by all means do it! I envy these people's lives and respect them very much. Nothing wrong with chasing down you dreams!

NOTE: When I first moved to Utah and was riding the lift early one season, my chair mate asked me if I was a ski bum. After looking at my coat, pants and gloves, all covered with duct tape, I said "no." He did not believe me, so I told him that I was an engineer that had just graduated college and had yet to recieve a pay check. He did not believe me, and went away telling his friends on the chair behind us that he just rode up with a "ski bum." Guess that tourists view all locals as "ski bums."
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artimus, I was born and raised in a ski town in fact the family has been here over one hundred years. Unfortunately many, many people like you have decided to they want this extreme, ski bum, SUV lifestyle that is portrayed by the media and they have almost all but destroyed these once peaceful, use to be little ski towns. Places like Aspen, Telluride, Crested Butte, Banff, lake Tahoe, Park city, etc.. Some of these places have had populations quadruple in ten years and of course all the problems that are associated with too many people in a small area. My home, Aspen, has been all but ruined! Average house price has gone up fourfold in eight years to almost 4 million. The local paper estimates that 7 to 10 thousand illegal aliens have come here in just 3 short years! If your a real local you get priced out and have to move. This is all beacuse of big city people that want to live the 'mountain lifestyle'! So remember your actions have reactions for those of us living in places like this!! I not trying to be mean, but I read on this thing all the time and most of you don't realize how much these places have changed in just 5 short years. It's all starting to look like suburbs of L.A. If this was happening to your home, the place you love, well you can see my point.
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After reading about this movie and hearing how well it did at the festival, I have searched high and low for a copy of it. And then the other day in the heat of the summer it shows up on the documentary channel. I don't think that I've ever scrambled for a blank tape so fast in my life!! I think that this movie really shows the highs/lows of being a ski bum. True some are able to live quite well and contribute to the community and others are nothing more than leaches living off of the fruits of others. Look at the house the Lisa and Foon had built, or the Porche 911 that Lundy bought from the rewards of his carpet cleaning business. On the other side of the coin are guys like Mike and Jim. Living in vans, eating off of the plates of others in the cafe' and smoking fatties. I see myself somewhere in the middle with the skills that I have.
To live right in a resort is all but out of the question, as you are right Pyramid, as the real estate market is unreal. But then again is it not the city fathers that help fan the flames by encouraging growth and devolopment of this magnitude? So I think that blame should be borne by the town councils that turn their backs on the long term residents that have always been there through thick and thin. I think that it would be safe to say that these small resort towns are in better finacial shape compared to some larger centers, after all running a town is no different then running a business. As the saying goes, "If you build it they will come and spend lots of money to stay"
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Now, we're starting to make some progress around here!

1) Bonni is telling me to "bite me" which indicates she's feelin frisky. Good for Bonni.

2) man from oz said it the best. I really am, just a ski bum. Many thanks for nice words.

Hey arti,
Hugs and kisses, alright?
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Only if we keep that MANdatory foot between our boys....
A little further research has burst my bubble. Jonny "Foon" Chilton is a pro-freeskier. Sponsers include: Head-Tyrolia, Arc'teryx, Oakley and Leki. Lisa "Red Eye" Korthals has several powder-8 championships. Sponsers: Head-Ty, Columbia, Spy, Leki. Troy "Stray Dog" Jungen, author of "A Dirtbag Thesis of Skiing". The only true bum in that film is Mike Jefferies. The REAL scary thing about him besides the closness in our ages, is the fact that our dogs look identical!!
Still a great film that really captures the essence of skiing.
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Greetings Arti,

Fact of the matter, is that most of us here, are ski bums.

Barnes, Your Highness, Juan Pierre, Ott - all of us! We're all ski bums. In my case, I setup my life, so I can ski a lot. I'm willing to bet that most here will say the same thing.

So anything we can do to help you be a better ski bum, you just let us know.

Note to self:
Never judge another Indian until you've walked a mile in their moccasins.

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Art, I don't know if you have kids, since you made no mention of them.
My experience is that they are a great joy, but also a lot of work, and once you have one (let alone two) then all perspectives change...
So, since your wife is suppoting you all the way, go for it.
Better yet, if you find a convincing job, and she'll move as well...then as Utah49&co say...
All the best wishes.
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Originally posted by dougw:
Cranbrook- still in the dumps
Kimberly - mine is closed now
Nelson - tourist town with soft wood in dumps
Golden- same old softwood story
I think that the same fate has befallen a lot of the small towns in the US that now rely on the ski industry for their income.
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Get your head in the sunshine or this gig will never get happening ......!

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]

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