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Woman’s Ski differences ???

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If a guy asks me what ski is for me, I feel pretty comfortable after hearing what he wants it for, his experience etc. what skis would probably suit him. There are hundreds of threads on this here and most of us read them and even if we don’t respond, we probably have an idea of what we would say.

But now I may be lost. My girlfriend will need new skis this year. She may not think so, but she refers to her skis (which I haven’t taken a close look at, but looked like early 2000’s Heads) as a “pair of those new parabolics”.

Yes I cringe.

Ski raced from age 5 to 19 but hasn’t skied more than a handful of times in the last 7 years (she’s in her early 30’s). She’s 5’9” and 135lbs. Quite athletic and I would assume has good technique. She doesn’t like the thoughts of a girlie ski and certainly won’t ever ski anything called “Luv”.

Do I look at men’s skis and go down a size or two because of her weight? Are there any burley women’s skis that she isn’t going overpower (I know I’m probably wrong but I can’t get my head around a burley woman’s ski). I have a pair of 178 Legend 8000’s she could use. Is this too much ski? They’re fine for me and I’m 5’10” & 195lbs.

Any thoughts or suggestions?
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First off, you're not alone in this quest.
To top it off, look around here, there are far more men than women posting their thoughts on many topics but gear especially.

I have posted a lot of good information on some solid Women ski choices, but at the same time, there is nothing wrong with unisex skis for a woman.
Here is a copy of some advice I gave recently to a guy looking for skis for an advanced Female skier
I'd make sure she had good boots that fit properly first, then its ski demo time! She will have fun if she tries the skis I listed in this post!!
Originally Posted by trekchick View Post
The biggest problem is that there are so many awesome skis out there, its easier to narrow down some demo options and let her decide.

Are you thinking Unisex ski or Women Specific?

If you're thinking woman specific...........
Top two midfat picks: Olympia Conquer & Elan Wave Spice.
Carvers: Nordica Olympia FireFox : & Elan Speed Magic

Of these skis, I have the Wave Spice, the Speed Magic and the FireFox in my quiver. I absolutely LOVED the Wave Spice in the spring crud. With 80 under foot, and a burly wave flex structure, there was nothing that stood in its way. You can see my review here

I got the Speed Magic because its got the same basic structure as the wave Spice, but a carver side cut, so I thought they would compliment each other.(haven't been on it yet, but can't wait)

The Nordica Olympia Fire Fox:
This is the one ski that I wanted the minute I heard about it. Its the Women's version of the Speedmachine, which I skied on last winter. Let me say WOW!
Usually a ski gets good reviews and bad reviews. This is a ski that has had nothing but rave reviews! You can not go wrong if you buy her this ski!!!
Sierra Jim will be having this ski in stock. You should check with him if you're interested in this ski
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Trekchick gave you some great suggestions. Women's skis aren't necessarily "girly" anymore (I'm the farthest thing from girly) -- but I also think a unisex ski would be fine. I'm not sure about the 178 8000s -- I would go shorter first (mid 160s), and then after she's dialed in again, go longer if she feels it necessary.

Here is where I'm coming from: there are a couple of parallels between your gf and myself ... We are the same size, athletes, and skied as kids but not much between college and early 30s. I didn't ever race, but last season I had 3 or 4 ski instructors and/or guides ask me if I grew up racing, so take that for what it's worth -- which is what, I am not exactly sure.

My first "parabolic" skis were 178 Volkl women's skis, Vertigo something or others. Then I went down to the 161 Volkl women's Supersports. Then I went wider (164 Volkl Queen Attivas), and now I want to go longer. I've started skiing on unisex skis again, as well.

Part of the reason I went so much shorter was that I was skiing with my kids, and I needed to go slower to turn. Those 178s were fine, but they weren't great for making short turns. Of course, I have no idea what the sidecut was ... so take that for what it's worth.

For me, it helped a lot to figure out how to ski the new skis on a shorter, lighter model. Now I feel comfortable going longer and heavier. At 135 lb, your gf will be steered toward shorter skis. But at 5'9", she needs some length. I definitely bought the Attivas too short. (As has been mentioned in other threads, it's hard to find longer women's skis to demo, and I was nervous ordering the length I didn't try, even though I kind of wanted to. I'm not an expert at demoing and buying skis, certainly.)
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Originally Posted by Mithras View Post
Any thoughts or suggestions?
I think you'll get more detailed first hand info on:

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