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Confused Fischer Progressor 165 or 170?

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I have a pair of RX8s in 165 and was looking for a similar ski (hence fischer) that was more stable at higher speeds. I've read a fair bit of reviews so far about the progressor being more stable at higher speeds, so now I have a dilemma. Would you recommend the progressor in 165 or 170?

Background info and more detail:
I like 165 cm skis in that I am comfortable in that size, would 170 be too long for the short turns I enjoy 80% of the time (I really enjoy RX8s short turning capabilities) ? The problem I currently have is that when going pretty fast, my RX8s feel a bit squirrely requiring me to edge in even though I would really just want to run flat at speed (on speed need occasions).

5'8" - 180lbs - level 7-8 skier and not a very over aggressive skier really. Any advice from persons with a wealth of experience or from others who have had similar dilemmas and one one quiver?

Finally, back to my point: For my size and weight -> Fischer Progressor in 165 or 170 for quick short turns and speed stability?
(I guess the proper answer here is demo I know, but suggestions from others who have skied RX8s and Progressors may be able to shine light here) until the snow sets in in Europe.
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I owned 165 RX8 and I demoed the 165 progressor last year and found them to be much more stable at high speed than the rx8 but I do think that the 170 would provide more flat run stability at speed. The 165 PROG is still a short radius ski and while it is a very, very good stable ski it does like to be on edge albeit not as much as the RX8. Much of this is personal preferance, this ski for me is an east coast everyday ski and I ski hills with short vert so I tend to like shorter radius skis, plus I have two other larger radius longer skis for varing conditions and bigger hills. I am much heavier (245lbs) than you and do ski fast and aggressive and the 165cm was very stable for me in fact I just bought a pair to replace the rx8s. Bottom line I think you would like the 165 but if this is your only ski I would be inclined to suggest the 170. IF you can demo them both first do it!!!
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A great heads up. Thanks powderhound24!!!
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I'm a big guy, 220 plus. I haven't used the Progressor yet, But I have a '07 165cm WC SC, '05 175cm RX8 & had a 175cm WC RC.

Based on these skis I would go with the 170cm. It will not feel as quick as the RX8, but few skis do. What it will provide is a much more stable platform for softer snow and higher speeds.

A 170 is somewhat short for a person your size, IMO. But it will perform superbly, as all Fischers do :.

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I would also agree and recommend the 170cm at your wieght. I too own RX8's, Worldcup RC's and now a pair of Progressors. I'm bigger than you at 215lbs and opted for the 175cm's.
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Get the longer ski. If you are a 7-8 level skier, there is no reason to be conservative in the stability department. Get the ski that gives you room to grow in ability. Get on them, and let 'em run.
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