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Ahhh it's coming!

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A nice, potentially rainy, overcast day in central California!

Started hitting the gym to get conditioned for the season. Pulled my ski's out of the closet to see what work needs to be done since last year.

Season pass is paid for. Trip to whistler planned out in February. Called all my ski-friends I ditched all summer to make sure they're ready for the upcoming year and made sure they still liked me.

And now I'm sure I'll be hanging around these parts a lot more again...

Who else is excited about the season!?
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Tyler, how ya been? Long time since I read your threads. I'm stoked:for sure. Can't wait. Been doing some dry land trainin and with the current projections for early Tahoe area openings I'm really stoked. Hope you have a great season and as always if you need a place to stay in Pollock you and friends are always welcome!

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