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OH MAN! (apologies Easties..)

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Huh....still coughing up POW after the major dumpage. The drive was everything a winter storm drive should be. Cops, Ditched semis, city folk floundering about the roadways, and me steadfastly finding my way through it all to make first chair for a day of faceshot and brutal windgusts escapable only in the depths of the local-knowledge tree shots and glades.

Face-shot after face shot. Barely able to keep tabs on and avoid the boarders & noobs (just another tree) stuck in the the deep watching me fly by, smiling bigger than I've smiled since we got pow two years ago. Aaah, the virtues of pointing it, trusting what I will see when I break on through.

Pointing, surfing, snorkeling, free falling into gigantic exploding pillows, forcing my quads to eke out that last few vert of steep until I can rest on the straight-run out (not quite 'on it' 100%, but don't care)

Shoveling to get out of the lot at the end of the day..and going to do it all again tomorrow, it didn't let up one bit all day and got heavier as I headed down from the hill.


"ever see the part in Scanners when the dude' head blew up??.."

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This is not fair!

But there is no need to apologize. Go out there and enjoy the powder for all of us here in the East. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Roto, where were you? I was at Crystal yesterday and it was damn fine.
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Stevens. Wasn't it nice that the weather 'people' were wrong this week? It didn't rain a lick. Sat. was a sunny pow day (8") and it started snowing HARD it the evening. By 9:00 pm we had 3 inches fresh and it kept coming hard. Today was also sweet, in the low 20s with fresh snow and intermittent flurries. Our snowpack remains dry (by NW standards)and ever deepening.

It wasn't even that crowded, esp. after the newscasts for rain & freezing rain and repeated warnings to stay off the slopes. I can't decide if they did us a favor or what.
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