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New bike

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I just bought a new mountain bike at a pretty good discount. I don't know much about MTBs I've just owned road bikes in the past. The bike is a Specialized Enduro. Is this a decent bike?
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The above link is for user reviews at Your bike gets high marks. I am impressed with the components used.....nothing is low-end. (I am amazed at the number of expensive bikes out there that use cheap shifters & derailleurs.) The Enduro is classified as an all-mountain bike which some might think is more bike than you need but I like having the extra travel on my all-mountain bike even though I mainly use it for crosscountry.
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What year is it? Enduro or Enduro SL? They've been usingthat name for quite a few years now, so it covers a lot of bikes. They're all good in thier own ways though. I ride an '04 S-Works Enduro and I'm pretty happy with it.
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Lucky, I'm sure that bike is not what you want. You should ship it to me and get yourself something better.
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Most of the Specialized, Trek, Cannondale, Giant, Fisher, etc. are decent MTB's. The biggest diffences are in the component spec's. You can usually tell where a bike falls in the line-up from looking at the rear derailleur. Usually the bikes are spec'd with best XO or XTR, better X9 or XT, good X7 or LX, etc. Of course look at the fork, crank, wheelset, etc. Some discount shops will have a build kits, made from whatever parts they have left over, and put them on a frame to get rid of them. The look at the derailleur trick isn't a hard and fast rule.
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Some of my friends have the Enduro and they like it. They use it as a x-country bike - it's not really made for drops or downhill.

Do you ride alot? How are the trails in Crystal?
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Thanks to all for your replies. The bike is the Enduro (not the SL) and it is a 2007.
I have been riding road bikes for many years, but am new to mountain biking. I just had my knee operated on and it looks like my running days are over so I plan on doing more bike riding.
These are the features of the bike.
A1 Premium Aluminum, ORE TT and DT, low center of gravity Enduro FSR frame, forged HT, pierced seattube, sealed cartridge bearings, ISCG mount, two forward shock mounts for geometry adjustment, replaceable derailleur hanger, derailleur guard, 140mm travel
Fox DHX Air 3.0 shock, external rebound adjustment, twin sleeve, 8.5"x2.25"
Marzocchi All Mountain SL fork, coil spring, air assist, external rebound adjustment, 130mm travel, alloy steerer
3D forged CNC machined stem matched to 8 degree rise Specialized Enduro Mid Rise, 6066 alloy, 31.8 OS bar, 640mm width
Hayes Sole, hydraulic disc brakes with 8"/7? V cut rotors
SRAM X-9, mid cage rear derailleur with SRAM X-7 Trigger, 9-speed shifters
Custom Truvativ Stylo crankset with Black Spire Stinger shift guide
Custom Sun SOS, 26" rims, with eyelets matched to Specialized Stout disc, 32 hole front hub and Shimano M-525 disc, 32 hole rear hub
Specialized Enduro saddle with hollow Cro-Mo rails, super light foam
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TC, I won't send you my new MTB, but if you are nice I could send you this:

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Thanks again for the info. Even thought I haven't ridden the bike yet what upgrades would you recommend?
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I'm wondering why you need the chain guide and derailleur guard? If it were mine I'd take these off to save weight. Otherwise, maybe tires but I don't see them listed. If you start swaping stuff out, it isn't going to be a 'good' buy. Just ride it until something breaks or wears out, unless there is something about it you just can't stand.
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The tires should be some 2.3 Specialized Enduro tires which should be fat enough. The tread pattern on them should be good for throwing off mud, a consideration in your area.

The only thing you might want to replace is the saddle and thats because they are much like boots where fit is more important than performance. As I stated earlier, I am impressed with the level of the components on this bike......only a weight-weenie or top-level mountain biker would need anything higher.
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Nah, You gotta lose the chain guide and the derailleur guard, with a 130mm fork? This is almost as bad as keeping the reflectors on. :
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specialized horst link 4 bar = goodness

you did good - now go and ride
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